Monday, November 7, 2011

Six Flags Picnic

Greg's company-wide picnic this year was at Six Flags. The company is so large, they are able to rent the WHOLE park out so it's just the people coming to company picnic at the park. All we had to do is pay a minnium fee per person, which included: entrance that day, lunch & a complementary ticket for the holiday celebrations next month.

All four of us had a great time, however, we definitely noticed a difference between Six Flags & our trips to Disneyland & Disneyworld this year. It just makes us want to go back to Disney even more.

The highlights:
  • Meeting the Characters:On the way in, we saw Bugs & Daffy Duck. We decided to stop & take a picture with them. Jared was excited to meet them, but a little cautious. Annabelle would NOT let go of me. EVER. I tried to get her to high five Daffy, but she visually plucked his feather right then. Later, Taz was out. I tried to convince Greg the kids would want to meet Taz too; he called me out and said I was the one who really wanted a picture with Taz... yeah... so...
  • Kiddie Land: Our first stop was the Kiddie area of the park. Jared saw the Teacups & made a beeline. These teacups were really sad; they were 1/5th the size of Disney, so it was only one parent per kid. I took Belle because I remembered Greg's version of teacups. Sure enough, half way through the ride, I glance over at Jared & Greg and their teacup is going at the speed of sound; my thought at that moment was, "I sure hope they hold together." After the teacups, we saw the Airplanes; the Six Flags version of Dumbo. This was a BIG hit. Both kids LOVED going up & down and I got a video.
  • Jared's first roller coaster: In the kiddie park, they had a kiddie roller coaster. Just a circle track with a couple of small hills; it reminded me of Puff the Magic Dragon at Lagoon. Annabelle was too small to go on it (barely) so I took Jared for special fun time. We sat in the first car & had a BLAST. Jared had his arms on the safety harness & my hands the whole time--- it was cute. Afterwards he said, "let's do that again." We told him, if he wanted to we could ride it again later.
  • Taz Tornado: This was like a mini-swings ride & Annabelle was big enough for this ride. The boys sat together & Bellie & I sat together. Half-way through the ride, Annabelle kept telling me she was 'all-done'; it was interesting trying to explain to a two-year-old how we can't get off the ride in the middle of it. After we got off, she said 'I don't like that one, Mama.' SO cute.
  • We love Rider-Swap. Since Greg & I both wanted to ride the big rides, we were able to go through the "Flash Pass" line. Once the ride operators saw the kids, we were able to quickly take turns riding the rides. We rode all the big rides that way. The large wooden roller coaster was the worst--- I felt like I was going to be internally decapitated. Superman & Goliath were the best.
  • BBQ lunch: Being a Texas company, the lunch was catered barbeque and it was fantastic. It wasn't Rudy's or Salt Lick, but it was sure yummy. During lunch, one character was out to meet & greet everyone. Our character was Porky the Pig. Annabelle seemed to warm up to him better than the other two.
  • The Train: After lunch, we decided to take a train ride around the park. The kids both loved to be on the train.
  • Biggest Fishy Game EVER: Near Jared's favorite ride {see next bullet} was the world's largest fishy game. Since the kids were really good that day, we decided to let them play one game. They both wanted to play the fishy game (it didn't help that it was a jumbo version of their game at home). Another bonus was the big sign which said: every game gets a prize. Jared picked a Scooby Doo for his prize, Annabelle a Blue Elephant.
  • Scooby Doo's Newest & Biggest Fan: By far the favorite ride was Scooby's Ghost Adventure (a lot like Buzz Lightyear). Just before going to Six Flags, Jared started watching the old Scooby Doo episodes, so he was really excited to see a ride with Scoob & the gang. Greg & I had fun because we tried to see who would get the most ghosts & the kids just loved Scooby & the ride. We rode it THREE times.
Since coming home, Jared constantly talks about the Scooby ride & walks his Scooby around. Hopefully, we'll get to go back next month. It's a good thing Oba & Jiji come to town in a few days, or I don't know how I'd entertain him. :)

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