Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Other November Happenings

Here are some other reasons November was fun:

Green Peppers:  We apparently can grow them.

As one of our Thanksgiving activities, the kids made TP-Handprint Turkeys.  They turned out so cute and I've now stored them with our Thanksgiving decorations.

Jared ALWAYS loves to help.  We redecorated our powder room and Jared decided he wanted to help.  Quickly, he ran upstairs.  We asked why he was leaving, if he wanted to help.  His response: "I need to get my tools."

Daddy & Son both passed out half-way through our movie yesterday.

The kiddos, all ready for Thanksgiving festivities.

We had Thanksgiving at a friend's house, this year.  In preparing for the meal, we heard they had never experience the wonder of deep-fried turkey.  So, they invited us over and we hijacked the turkey.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it... especially Gweg.

Annabelle and Alex especially enjoyed making faces on the door.

and sitting together.

This is actually the last picture our camera took.  Soon after, Annabelle tossed it onto the ground, while it was still on which busted the lenses.  So right now, this may be the last good-quality picture until Christmas comes. 

I guess a new camera was just added to our Christmas lists.

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