Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oba & Jiji Fun

We had a lot of fun while Oba & Jiji visited for Annabelle's birthday.  They were able to stay for a whole week.  We didn't 'do' much because we were finally getting much needed rain; we figured the folks brought it with them from Washington.  The first night ended up being the Jared's croup, followed by Belle's birthday, which was low-key because of the croup.

Jared started mending pretty fast, so the day after Bellie's birthday (Friday), we went to the zoo.  Classic zoo visit; we go so frequently, the kids can give us tours.  A bonus about this time was not having to lug a stroller around (since we had 4 adults for 2 kids) it was great.  We went to the Butterfly house, Jared is always wary of little animals, so he was very cautious.  Annabelle was more interested, but the butterflies were smart enough to stay away from her.

(Saturday) was party day!  Since our lovely blue car is only so big, whenever we have visitors, we need to pull the third-row seat up.  The kids fought over who would go in the back, so they took turns.  Annabelle really loved sitting back there with Jiji.

Monday, we gave into Jiji's pleadings/bribes/suggestions and drove up to the best barbeque ever... Salt Lick.  Mmmm.... just thinking about Salt Lick is making my mouth water...  Jared & Belle ate the most we've ever seen them eat there; we stopped at a Target on the way home to grab a couple necessities with Belle's birthday money--- a new Mickey DVD for the ride home.  What did we do for entertainment? :)

Tuesday was the day they left.  We had a whole morning to have fun, so we went hat hunting for Jiji.  He really needed a new Cardinals hat--- apparently Seattle doesn't sell anything Cards--- lame!  So, in South Texas, we found one!  After our hat hunt, we met Greg for lunch (mmm... Panera) and then took on another hunt.... a DUCK HUNT.

We heard about an awesome duck park near Greg's work, so we went looking for & found it.  We knew we found it when we came across the DUCK CROSSING sign.  Seriously, a duck park.  It was slightly muddy from all the rain and there were TONS OF DUCKS.  We staked out a table and started feeding our little crowd of ducks. 

Another family was there and had most of the ducks surrounding them, however, when their food ran out, the ducks came our way.  It was nice and quiet, until the small ducks migrated over--- man, do they chirp.  They weren't shy either... unless a certain new two-year-old started chasing them.  Jared, again, wasn't too sure of the small animals and stayed in a corner half protected by Jiji until one of the duck bit him---it was an accident, Jared waited too long with one piece of bread.  I actually got it on video (excuse the ground-shot):

After that incident, Jared felt much safer on top of the table, tossing the crumbs out.  Annabelle enjoyed walking around, chased a big duck or two, until the large crowd of small ducks showed up.  Then, she hopped on the table with Jared.  The kids will not stop talking about the 'Duck Park.'  We have scrap bread saved in the garage fridge for when we take Daddy there.

After the duck-tastic fun, we were off to the airport to send Oba & Jiji home.  It was hard to say by because the next time we'll probably see them will be when Park gets nine months.  Hopefully, that will change and we can go to Meg's graduation in April... I guess we'll wait and see and hope.  However, now is the time to get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas time and our next visitors... Mema & Deda!

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