Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meeska Mooska Birthday PARTY

Oh man--- birthday party day!  What a day!

Because of Jared's croup incident, we didn't get to finish everything for the party in the days leading up to it.  Instead the four of us, spent the night before & the morning of getting everything ready.  Mom & I staying up too late finishing Mouse Ears.

From what I can tell, the party was a success!  We still had some brave friends show up, disregarding the croup scare (honestly, most of the kids were already exposed at nursery).  I managed to take one picture, but Kim took more & my Mom took a bunch of videos for my siblings, so at least there's that.  Here are some highlights, with necessary pics & videos:

The Room & Food Spread

The folks and I decorated the night before Belle's actual birthday, so we wouldn't have to do it before the party.  When the kids came in the house, they were greeted with their own set of Mickey Ears.  Some wore the ears, others didn't, but they turned out fantastic (props to Oba because she made most of them).
Annabelle-Minnie & Jared-Mickey

The food was simple.  I overcomplicated Jared's party food last year, so I simplified & asked for reinforcements this year.  My awesome-est (it's a word) friend, Kim, made the main food for the adults, really yummy wraps.  For the kids, we had a make-your-own sandwich bar; either PB or cold cuts (the bread was cut into the shape of Mickey Ears).  We also had things like Goofy's Goldfish, Chip & Dale's Fruit (yellow oranges--- yikes), and Daisy's Secret Spy String Cheese!  BIG HIT!  The kids weren't getting food they'd never had before & it was simple!  Win win!

For the birthday desert, we made Mickey Cupcakes (it was team effort with Greg & I--- mostly Greg).  They turned out great; everyone loved them & they weren't overly sweet.

The Games & Presents
We had three games.

First was color-your-own bow tie or hair bow at Minnie's bow-tique.  This wasn't a big hit, however, Jared made one & pinned it to his shirt the rest of the party.  Success enough for me.

Next- I made a bean-bag toss game.  I needed something to block the kids from going upstairs into the playroom & other places, so I created a game barrier (Jared's was Mater-fishing).  This was a HUGE hit.  I guess kids like to throw things! ;)

The characters & point values are removable, so we can use it for future parties.  We just need to figure out how to keep the game from falling after being hit by a bean bag.

Annabelle's friends were very kind & brought her all kinds of fun things.  She really liked the mini-princesses (everyone was shocked she knew who they were) & her new sparkly pink princess shoes.  Seriously, for both her birthdays she's LOVED her new shoes.

After presents, we had lunch & cupcakes.  Annabelle thought it would be fun to feed the cupcake frosting to her new baby doll from Gramma.

Then it was PINATA time.  I found an awesome Minnie Mouse pull-string pinata.  Instead of hitting (and having the potential to harm others) the pinata, it had multiple strings on the bottom and ONE string opened the loot.  Here's the video (the camera's battery died just before the last string was pulled):

This felt so much easier than Jared's 2nd birthday party.  Maybe it's the difference between boys & girls, but I think I (and we) felt more comfortable this time & just let more things roll off.  The kids (and big kids had a great time) so much so that our kids had fantastic naps.  

Feeding her Baby frosting
blowing out the candles
which string is the right string?
Opening presents (& gold-digging)
Bean-Bag Toss
 After their naps, they were able to go to dinner with 3 or their grandparents (Gramma came down for the party too).  After dinner, we all passed out at home and I secretly started thinking about Jared's party in May... he's already requested Star Wars.

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  1. What a fun party! Can't believe she's two already. (I know, it was a while ago).



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