Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Time 2011

We had two main events for Halloween, the ward Trunk-or-Treat and Halloween night itself. Trunk-or-Treat was first, so it became the costume unveiling for our group.

A couple months ago, we we hanging out with our friends, the Baxters, and we started talking about Halloween costumes. Jared told me he wanted to dress up as a dinosaur. I only have a year or two left of doing coodinating family costumes (without a fight) so we started to brainstorm; what could the rest of us dress up as if Jared is a dinosaur? THE FLINTSTONES! THEN--- we realized our friends could dress up as THE RUBBLES since they have a boy the same age as Annabelle. We were so stoked.

Remember the time when I said I'd only make their first year Halloween costumes? Well, I went from THAT to all of the sudden SEVEN costumes in SIX weeks! Luckily, I had Becca to be my partner-in-crime. We ended up getting all of them done over a weekend (probably 14 hours or so of working). They turned out great. The trickiest costumes ended up being mine & Jared's top (first time I ever created a pattern from scratch-- no template).

...was also a Chili cook-off. Greg wanted to try a new recipe, Pineapple Pork Chili; winner to us, but since Texas is known for Chili, we didn't even get close to winning. I know we live in Texas, but I couldn't believe how SPICY some of those chilies were. Seriously, they had Greg's eyes watering.

After dinner, we headed out for the trunk-or-treat part. On {Pinterest}, I saw how someone decorated their car like the whale from Pinocchio; so, we took that idea and spun it to create a CAR-O-SAURUS. We had eyes, spots, teeth & tongue. Fred (a.k.a. Greg) stayed behind while I took the kids around the loop. They had so much fun & Jared LOVED running around with his Dino tail. When we told him, we'd go around for candy again on Halloween--- his eyes got HUGE. We just needed a day of recuperation (in the form of Greg & I giving sacrament meeting talks)...

This year was the first real year either kid has been trick-or-treating. Jared's first Halloween was in an apartment complex which didn't allow door-to-door, the next year Jared had strep, and the year after that it was Sunday. Needlesstosay, we were all excited.

I got my standard creepy Halloween recipes out for dinner. The kids really didn't know what to do with the Bloody cheese dip this year, until they realized it was just red cheese. Right after dinner, the Baxters & Hedges came over to all go around the neighborhood together.

Jared & Caleb were particularly awesome this year, even though poor Caleb was sick:(. They were so excited to go to each door and yell 'trick-or-treat.' Plus, they kind-of matched in their own way--- both some kind of 'dog'--- Jared was Dino & Caleb dressed up as Clifford. Annabelle managed to say it a few times, Alex was just SO excited to be there with his friends, and Elise was the cutest little ladybug for her first Halloween.  Here's a video of most of them Trick-or-Treating--I just had to get Bellie saying Trick-or-Treat:

It was fun to get compliments from our neighbors regarding our costumes; we heard a lot of 'how awesome' or 'the flintstones & rubbles---sweet' or 'look and Pebbles & BamBam. We only lasted 2 and half blocks, found some fellow Cardinals fans in celebration mode, pretty much enjoyed ourselves the whole time.

One house was super creepy & right next to the bowl was two conveniently positioned trash cans. I KNEW there were guys in them, and I kept praying they wouldn't jump out, I even yelled... "little kids-- don't you dare" and then they jumped out. My MamaBear instincts kicked in and I wanted to smack those kids SOOO hard, but I didn't and we just told them to be careful. Scare who you can, but not the little ones. Luckily, we prepped them as we walked up there, so Dino kept his cool long enough to get his candy & GET OUT.

When we started on the way home, Dino kept telling Fred he wanted to go to more houses--- pleading was more like it. So, Pebbles & I went home to spread more candy love. We had our new tombstones and Halloweentown signs out with blacklights & a dry-ice fog going out from our house. It was fantastic; I can't wait to add to it next year.

Dino & Fred didn't last long; they were gone maybe 10 minutes before Dino got dog-tired. After they both got home, they each picked one candy to have that night. They both picked Blue Raspberry Dum-Dums... hilarious pictures were had.

Happy Halloween from our prehistoric family to yours!

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