Saturday, October 29, 2011

Park Fun

Winter in South Texas is prime park time. The weather is usually mild enough that the kids can enjoy themselves for a few hours. We've been spending most of our preschool playdates playing at the park.

If Annabelle had her way, she would spend most of her time on the swings.
Cutie Park Girl

Bellie & Alex enjoying the swings
Jared, isn't as big a a fan of the swings, but he LOVES to push her on the swings. I've got photo & video proof.

Awesome big brother

Other than pushing the swings, Jared recently discovered the monkey bars.  He tries REALLY hard to get himself moving, but we end up helping him hold his body up as he moves his arms across the bars.

Our Monkey Boy
Recently, one of our park excursions included making Halloween cookies with the preschool friends. Bellie was one of the kids who figured out how to use her plastic knife as a spoon to eat the icing. She just eliminated the middle man; why put it on the cookie first, when she just wants to eat it?
Enjoying Halloween Treats

It's nice for all of us to get out of the house & enjoy some air--- because that's rare for most of the country right now.

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