Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Labor Day: Austin Children's Museum

One of our destinations for our long weekend to Gramma's was the Austin Children's Museum. The kiddos are posing with the Bat-cow in front of the museum.
We had a good time up until Annabelle puked all over the floor, but I'll get to that later.

It was pretty much like any other children's museum we've been to. LOTS & LOTS of centers: music, construction, store, farm, and a the current showcased exhibit, which was all about BALLS. Bellie even found a little slide she did a loop up & down multiple times in a row. Annabelle & Daddy having a good time... at first.
For the All About Balls exhibit, the museum gave out multi-colored golf balls for the kiddos to use in various exhibits. You basically had to barter with other museum-goers to get a ball. Kind of crazy. Music & Physics seemed to be the name of the game.
They loved launching the balls of mini-ski ramps, placing them in music machines & following the ball like cats in a half-pipe ramp.

The construction area was also a big hit for the kids. They found a vacuum tube which transported shape screws up and down levels; lots of giggles were had when it would suck the screw out of their hands. Jared really enjoyed the world's largest toy crane. While exploring, he & I found a quite little corner with construction toys & torn-rubber pieces.It was little boy heaven. He told me all about the different machines & lasted longer than any other kid who came in while we were there. He would have played in their forever... but sissy got sick.

While Jared & I found construction heaven, Annabelle took Daddy & Gramma over to the book corner for some good quality reading time. After a few books, Annabelle told Greg she wanted to stop. She got of his lap, walked a few steps, and then barfed all over the floor. Probably from too much corn the night before or watching too many balls go back and forth... back and forth.... Greg had to call me because he couldn't find our secret spot and we were off.

Bellie ate little bit in the car, puked it back up & then was fine. We still don't know why she was sick. Maybe a 6-12 hour bug... who knows? Luckily, she was recovered for our Labor Day outing to Zilker Park...

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