Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jared's First...

Broken Bone!

On Friday morning, Jared & Annabelle were in the middle of a 'hard hug' and fell over. He was helping me clean the floor before it happened...
A 'hard hug' happens when one of them usually hugs too hard & then causes the pair of them, still wrapped in the middle of the hug, to fall down. We've tried countless times to get them to stop, but there's still an occasional hard hug. If it does happen, it usually happens right before bed time and the fall onto the pillows.

The instance in question was downstairs right next to the family room ottoman. When they fell, Jared fell on top of Belle & clipped the ottoman. At first, I thought Annabelle got the worst of it, since she was fallen ON (I was thinking concussion), so I cuddled with her. As soon as Jared stood up, he looked at me, said '"ouch, Mommy it hurts," pointed to his thumb & wouldn't stop crying. I took one look at his thumb, it was already bruised, and suddenly our day changed... I knew it was broken.

Two quick calls, to a friend who'd watch Bellie and to Greg---just in case he wanted to be there, which he did, and we were off to Pediatric Urgent Care (his doctor was already booked for the day---crazy, I know).

At urgent care Jared was able to get an X-ray & it was postitive. They said it looked like a sprain, but just in case, they'd send the x-ray to a radiologist to confirm. He was able to get a brace; since his fingers are small, he needed to have the smallest one. At home, after the urgent care visit.I got the call with the re-diagnosis of a broken bone at 445 that afternoon. So, going to the Pediatric orthopedist would have to wait until Monday.

On Monday, the orthopedist confirmed the broken bone; he broke the tip of the first bone in his thumb, just below his fingernail. Since there is really no way to set a broken finger bone, he got a new brace. His finger was too small for any of the braces, so they just cut a piece of padded aluminum to stabilize his finger.

Since the doctor visit, life is the same; Jared just walks around with his hand tucked in by his chest. This was on Sunday... notice his thumb (and Annabelle's beautiful dress).The only time he seems to be in pain is when we change the tape for his bandage. He goes back in two weeks--- just before Oba & Jiji get here to celebrate Annabelle's birthday.

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