Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm a Mormon

Thanks for all the LOVE & support in my decision to share my experience with y'all. I need that support & ability to share. I love you all dearly.

So--- our city is apart of the second wave of the church's "I'm a Mormon" campaign. It is SO awesome to see the commericials and FEEL the spirit emminating from the TV. The whole point is to straighten any misconceptions about the church & its members. I LOVE how we get the chance to share our testimonies more. I want to shout it to the world how much I love the gospel!

Before it launched, we were encouraged to create a profile, so I FINALLY did.... Elder Jackson (my brother) would be so proud!

Here's the {link}.

Greg's still working on his & we'll post a link when it's finished and published.

I promise the next post will contain cute kid pictures and/or videos.

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  1. Everyone I have come across were born into a mormon family. Can someone with different faith become a mormon? or How does a person of different christian or other faith become or qualify to be a mormon? I know LDS has principles like any other faith. How far should one go to change him/herself without loosing their individuality or identity as a person or connection with their existing family? Do you have outreach in your church whom we can talk to and know more about LDS faith? (without having to ask friends and co-workers who are already in LDS church)?



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