Friday, October 28, 2011

Father-Son Campout: The Sequel

After the success of {last year's campout}, the guys decided to take the boys out again--- only this time they convinced the Baxters to come!  Jared seriously couldn't stop talking about it last year, so it was even better to have Caleb & Alex with him!

Here's a video of what the boys spent most of the evening doing:

Greg knows all the stories.  *Hopefully* I can get him on here to write them down.  However, I do remember two near death stories!

Before bed time, Greg & Jared decided to walk near the lake/water source.  While over there, they saw two eyes across the lake staring at them in the darkness.  Greg flashed his light over there to see what it was: a cougar.  When he moved his flashlight, down & back up again, the cougar moved 20 ft to the right, closer to their side of the lake.  But, then he turned around and left.  

When they came home, Jared runs over to me & says, "Mommy, Daddy threw me."  Greg looks at me and says, "don't freak out, but I fell off a cliff."  WHAT?!?  Apparently, they hiked up a hill to a cave (as seen in the video below) & just before they got to the cave, Greg slipped & felt his weight going backwards.  Since it was steep, he was carrying Jared & instantaneously decided to throw him towards the rock & away from falling.  Greg then fell a few feet down the cliff.  WOW.  Here's the video of them at the top:

After he finished his story, I did my best NOT to freak out, but what wife wouldn't freak out if she was just told her husband was 'this close' from serious injury and/or death.  Yeah, someone was watching out for him that morning.

Besides that mishap, they had fun & I'm sure they'll do it again next year.  Hopefully, no cliff-falling or cougars will be involved.

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