Monday, October 24, 2011

Bellie's Newest Tricks

She has two:

1--- She sings A LOT. It's adorable. Her current favorite is "I Am a Child of God." I've been trying SO hard to get video of it and this was the best I got. Enjoy... and watch the hair... it adds another layer of funny.

2---She can mostly dress & COMPLETELY UNDRESS herself. I've found her in various stages...

diaper only...
diaper half on/half off... notice how she's asleep...

absolutely nothing. Apparently her hands were dirty, so she needed to take her jammies off
NOTE: The picture is post Mommy-Edit. I know Annabelle will see this one day and I'm sure she'll appreciate me not putting her whole self on the blog. :)

She is so fun right now. Difficult, yes. Challenging, yes. But our daily lives are never boring with Annabelle (and her brother, of course).

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