Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Swimmers

The kids have progressed in their enjoyment of the pool. Their new favorite thing to do is jump in the pool. It's actually quite funny. They spend most of the time at the pool, climbing out and jumping back in the pool. We've tried to stress to Jared that he only jumps in when he has his floaties... it's working... so far.

I actually mustered up my courage a couple days ago and took them to the pool all by myself. We hadn't gone to the pool in a few days and they had a really good day, which also happened to be a Tuesday. Greg's gone off to YM/Scouts on Tuesday, so I wasn't expecting to go to the pool; then I remembered what great swimmers they've become and suddenly wasn't afraid. We had a GREAT time. They swam close to me like I asked and, since school is back in, we only had to share the pool with one other family. I'm loving going to the pool since school started. Boo on Greg's work commute, yay on pool time.

Since they have so much fun at the pool now, we took video a couple visits ago to document just how daring they are. (Disclaimer: Greg took FOUR short videos, instead of one long one. Since we don't have a video editing software, I'm posting all of them. Good thing is... they are short. The last one is the long one I took.) Enjoy lots and lot of pool fun.

Video 1: Jared's Jump

Video 2: Annabelle's Mommy-assisted jump, another Jared jump, and a really (not) graceful Mommy jump

Video 3: Annabelle's 'normal' jump

Video 4: A Triple Jumper Jump

Video 5: An attempted sibling jump. Annabelle was too fascinated by the bugs...

Video 6: A Daddy/Jared Jump, Jared Belly-flop, Annabelle Jump and Daddy cannonball

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