Sunday, August 14, 2011

Picture 'Perfect'?

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In the last couple of weeks, Jared and Annabelle have really taken to the camera. When I get the camera out, they get a serious case of the GOOFBALLS and silly photo-taking commences.

Wrestling... they do that a lot lately... I feel like I'm stuck on perma 'don't hit/kick/tackle your sister/brother' mode.
They wanted a picture of their feet.
Jared making a a silly face. I told him to make a silly face and he started shaking his head back and forth...

Tummy shot. They like to see the pictures we take, but they usually move a smidgen too fast... hence the tummy shot.
Typical Moment in our House: Jared giggling while Annabelle *tries* to boss him around.

Before the silliness gets 'out-of-hand' (although silliness is never really out of a hand for a toddler), I'm usually able to get a few good pictures. Like this one... seriously cute kids.

And this one... a quiet moment (rare in a home with a toddler and soon-to-be preschooler... don't mind the obviously tired-looking Mommy in the middle.


  1. It looks like they want their Jiji!

  2. These kiddos are just too cute for words!



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