Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Celebrity Deda

So... we know this guy, more commonly know as Deda around our house, and starting tomorrow he's going to be in homes across America. On ABC. The American Broadcasting Company. Paul is one of the two series regulars on the {SHOW}. I'm being slightly paranoid as not to mention the name because I don't want our blog to come up on a google search of the show. Just follow the link; it'll explain how the show works.

Weird? Yes. Cool? Even bigger yes.

We've known about it for a while now, and it's been fun to hear all of the fun things that go on behind-the-scenes (especially since it's the same production team for my favorite--well, old favorite--reality show). What's the funniest thing about it so far is seeing Deda being {publicized}. We already knew he was an incredible Detective, author, man, etc. and now we get to see him publicized that way. ABC is really pushing the show, so we see commercials ALL. THE. TIME. We've even invented a new game called 'spot the Deda.' Both Jared and Belle recognize the commercial for the show and shout "Deda's show!" It's just a little bit on the surreal side. Technically it's Bruckheimer's show, but who am I to corrected a 3 year old and his little sister? Oh, their mother... oh that's my job... anywhoo...

Personally, I'm SUPER excited to see Detective Deda at work. He, and his partner, Mary hold nothing back in the interrogations. I've always know he was good at his job, but now I get to see how and why he's so good. Here's a clip:

Now y'all know what I have to deal with as a Father-in-law. Mental note: never cross my arms in front of Paul again ;)

In the whole time I've known Paul, this side of him has never come out. Which is amazing considering I was the only son's girlfriend before I became the fiancee and wife. The summer before we got married, almost every weekend, Paul would pick me up from my Aunt & Uncle's house to spend the weekend with them.... okay, mostly Greg (because we were in that gooey lovey dovey phase). Paul and I had a good 45 minutes each week to talk, basically getting to know each other.

I don't remember everything we talked about (mostly books and the weekend plans, maybe a silly case story or two), but I do remember feeling comfortable with him. Seven years later, I look back at those rides and cherish them (the best one was the one before the proposal because we ALL knew something was going to happen AND we were late). I realize now he could have used all of his superior interrogator skills to grill his only son's girlfriend into submission, but he didn't. It was a nice foundation to our relationship.

Greg's perspective is even more surreal than mine. Just imagine if you Dad or step-dad was about to be a regular on a reality show. That's only the start of how Greg feels.

We love Deda and we're excited to share him with the world. Watch it, Tuesdays, ABC, 9/8c. He's so celebrity now that he's even tweeting during the premiere. Yep, it's official, he's cooler than us. It's okay though because he'll always be Deda. :)

{Paul's perspective HERE} {blog: Bish's Beat}{amazon page}{twitter page}
Interviews & review links: {BuddyTV}{NY Post}{Variety}{Ventura County Star}{ written by the editor of the show}{Italian paper: Google Translate, if you want to read}{The New York Times}


  1. This is so exciting Amber! I can now say that I know someone who is related to a person on reality TV. ;-)

    PS I think I would poop my pants if he ever interrogated me. LOL

  2. That's pretty amazing, Amber! Now I feel famous by association a couple times removed. ;) Congrats to your father-in-law! That clip was pretty fantastic!

  3. Thx, Sweetie. You're the best. I remember those rides very well. Helped me to love you (in a father-in-law/DeDa way) just like Greg does.

  4. haha That is awesome! I remember when Eric and I saw a preview for it we thought it would be a fun show to watch. Now I am even more excited because I know more about one of the main people. Well that is pretty awesome. I liked hearing about it all.



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