Monday, July 11, 2011

Return to the Zoo

Like the new blog look? We do!

Mema and Deda came to visit us over the Fourth weekend and we had a great time. We went on walks, shopping trips and a couple of outings. We also showed them how much we enjoy the pool on these HOT summer days. Every night ended with special Grandparent story time; one night Greg and I went on a date. Jared even saw Cars 2 again on a special date with Mema & Deda.

Our 'big' outing took us back to the zoo for the first time in a few months. Our annual passes expired and we were debating on if we wanted to get passes anywhere else. Truth is, with the kids' age restrictions and our budget restrictions, the zoo is really the only affordable place to have passes to. Funny Jared story, he knew we were going to the zoo that morning, so he picked out his 'animal' outfit from our {Disney Animal Kingdom adventure}; Annabelle also picked out her animal shirt.

The best part about this visit to the zoo was... NOT HAVING A STROLLER! Yay! Jared doesn't need the monkey anymore since he'll obey when we ask him to stay (most of the time), so we strapped the Monkey on our own resident Monkey and had a great time. We didn't have to navigate, park, or worry about anything but the one bag we brought and keeping an extra eye on Jared. It was great.

I actually used my BYU Semester at Nauvoo bag and we had a girl come up to us and ask about it. She didn't even know that used to be an option. It made me feel a little bit 'dated', but at the same time grateful because I was able to have that unique experience before it was no longer offered. Eight years later, I'm still grateful I was able to go. ;)

It was HOT, but not as hot as it could have been, and we only stayed until nap time. Jared still remembered our route we usually take to see all the animals; he'd even tell us what animal was up next. Even though it had been 4+ months since we'd been, he remembered.

The kids really liked the aquarium this time. Bellie wouldn't stop saying "Nemo-fishy"; in fact, every fish in the building was "Nemo-fishy." They also like seeing the African Wild Dogs run around instead of sleeping. Jared especially liked the dog who made laps in front of viewing glass. Jared also showed Mema & Deda how to feed the Loris; Mommy, Daddy, and Belle kept our distance outside the encounter. They had some kind of summer program going on that day, so Jared was able to go fishing and learn about some animals. We ended our adventure at Jared's favorite building: the Snake house. Like always, Jared the Reptile Whisperer was able to get them to move and he loved it.

I think it's safe to say we'll be going back a few times over the year.

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  1. You used your Nauvoo bag?! I love that thing! I use it as my temple bag :) It used to be a great conversation starter when I used it as a back pack at BYU-I.



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