Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love to Sleep

Our kids are not morning people. They have to practically be pried out of bed in the morning and after nap. After nap is usually grumpier because they take a long time to actually fall asleep. Most days they yell-talk to each other before they pass out, so they don't get to sleep until 30 minutes-ish into their nap time. It doesn't really bug me because they eventually go to sleep and still go to bed at 9 (they are night owls). I just wanted to document it since I had the chance.

This is what I found when I woke them up the other day.

Annabelle didn't even stir when I opened the door, so I grabbed the camera.
Jared was not too happy I took a picture of him.
I'm glad they know how important their sleep is. ;)

1 comment:

  1. They're my kind of kids! PS: I really like Belle's bangs.



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