Saturday, July 23, 2011


One of the nicknames we've given the kids is 'goofballs.' Seriously, they are two of the goofiest kids I've ever encountered and I've got the pictures to prove it.

Jared LOVES to make silly faces. He thinks he's hilarious and they usually only last a second because he starts laughing. And yes, most of the faces happen at meal time. What a boy!

Annabelle makes this face when she's confused or mad at you. In this picture, she was fed up with all of Mommy's picture taking.
On our last laundry day, Jared took the empty basket and put it over himself. He then proclaimed he was a turtle and started walking around the house.

Not to be outdone, Annabelle got inside the other basket and started singing "Row Your Boat."
A couple days ago, they started rolling around on the kitchen floor for no reason. So, I grabbed the camera and this was what they gave me.
Last but not least, Bellie got to the oven mitts and decided they worked better on her feet, not her hands. Her fashion is SOOO forward. :)
These two definitely keep life interesting around here.

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