Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fireworks-less Fourth

*the pictures include random ones from Mema & Deda's whole visit*

We had a great Fourth of July, even though the above title says otherwise. This is literally my FAVORITE holiday. I love the everything about it: barbeque, unbearble heat, Patriotism, the colors, random holiday fairs, the smell of the grill, chared pavement from the fireworks and capping the whole day of the a crazy display of explosives! Yay America!

Well, some of the plan had to be scrapped this year because of Texas' historical 'extreme' drought. It's not the worst on record, but when you're approaching 30+ days of 100+ heat, the land gets pretty dry. So dry, ALL (profession and not-so-professional) were banned three weeks before the Fourth. I still was determined to have a great holiday, so after a little planning with some friends we were set!

We started the morning off at our ward's annual Flag raising ceremony. Nothing gets me in a patriotic mood like Old Glory and a rendition of Star Spangled Banner!

Everyone dressed in their red, white and blue best! Jared still fit into his shirt from last year; since I had leftover tulle from another project, I made Annabelle a RWB tutu. She calls it her 'princess' skirt.

They hold the activity at a local park, so the kids are able to run around and play while adults chatter and eat. Jared remembered the park from winter playdates; Bellie had absolutely NO FEAR--- except when swinging (don't ask me why). She'd climb on the hardest contraptions like she was one of the big kids. Freaked me out every time; I left most of the wrangling to Daddy, Mema, and Deda because I didn't want to freak out every time she climbed. I wasn't worried about Jared because he's so good at it now.

After the park and a good nap for the kids (and Daddy and Deda), we had friends over for a barbeque. But, if you recall, we don't have a bbq. Problem solved by a friend who has a semi-portable grill and the desire to hone in his grilling skills. We had a great spread and, as always, plenty leftover. I had another chance to break out my Trifle bowl and make a {Patriotic Trifle} for dessert. It was a HUGE hit. I'm definitely making it again.

Funny moment from the party: The Kid's table. This get-together was the first time we had a designated kiddos' table and it was a HUGE success. Everyone sat still and ate their dinner (which is an Independence Day miracle). Since then, Jared has asked me to bring the table downstairs and use it again. :)

To end our celebrations, we planned to go to the pool and have some water fun. Nothing like a cool dip in the pool on the summer's best holiday. Except when the pool is closed. Yep, the pool was closed.

After ditching ideas to crash another neighborhood's pool, we treked back to the house (all in our pool gear) and set up the sprinklers for the kids. It was fun to see them run around and some of the adults even let their inner kid loose and joined in on the fun (yes, I was one of the them). We then got out our extent of fireworks (pop-its and leftover snakes from New Year's) and started to have a pop-it war; a bunch of us started getting into it, until Jared freaked out because he didn't like the noise. We'll work him through that because I'm sure, in years to come, he'll be out there doing the throwing.

After saying goodbye to our holiday crew, we ended the celebrations watching the Macy's Fireworks on TV. They were pretty cool, but I'm crossing my fingers that we get to see the real thing next year. Please end drought, so we can blow stuff up again (and for other reasons too).

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  1. Love the pictures! We certainly had a great time . . .



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