Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday Celebrations (x3)!!!

I turned 27 last week. I think age has such a bad wrap. We are told to fear getting older and more feeble, but I think it's a load. Maybe it's because since kindergarten, I was always the youngest of my group of friends (even now in our group of friends I am by a month---take that Josh!), I don't know. Personally, I'm excited about growing older; its a badge of honor. It means I'm continuing to learn and grow into my eternal potential and that gets me excited. But, along the same lines, it doesn't mean that we stop having/being fun. Just because you're 'X' year old, doesn't mean you should stop having fun.

Anywho--- over the last few years, occasionally, the new Harry Potter movie (and the last book) came out within a week of my birthday. Nothing ever actually came out ON my birthday, but we'd always do something Harry Potter related since I'm a fan. I don't know if you heard, but the last movie came out and so I wanted to do a 'Harry Potter' birthday-eske celebration one last time. Since my birthday was a few days before the movie's release, we expanded my birthday celebrations to three days! I know, lucky me!

Wednesday, the actual birthday
I had a great day! The kids were great, I made something during nap time (for myself---which is really rare), and we went on a date downtown. Jared actually wouldn't stop telling me 'Happy Birthday' in some form our another. At one point, he even sang to me. I tried all day to get Annabelle to say the same thing, but she wouldn't UNTIL we were walking out the door to drop them off. Something that came as a surprise to me was how much all of the Facebook wishes meant to me. Maybe it's superfical, but I was really touched that people would actually want to wish me Happy Birthday.

Greg knows my favorite place in the city is the Riverwalk. I love the friendly, festive atmosphere; it's competely unique. He took me to a wonderful restaurant I had never been to before, The Iron Cactus. oh. so. good. We ate outside and while we waited for our food a mariachi band came by and played us a song. Then, it was slipped that is was my birthday, so they sang 'Happy Birthday' as well. I love Texas.

Greg love jalapenos!
27 never looked so good.
We love the riverwalk!
Thursday, Cake Day!
Since we went out by ourselves the night before, we didn't have cake. So, we invited our friends over for cake and Harry Potter Scene It (it's the only day of the year Gweg will play that game). This year's cake flavor: red velvet. yum. It was a lot of fun to have our friends over. I'm a BIG fan of celebrations (any kind), so naturally, I like to do so on my birthday too.

Friday, Triple-Date Movie Day!
As part of my birthday request, I wanted to have our first Triple-Date with the Baxters and Hedges to see the last Harry Potter movie. We had a great time; I even showed my inner-Potter geek by wearing my Gryffindor colors and tie (and they all still like me). The only bummer of the night was forgetting to bring the camera and take pictures (really bummed about that). Before the movie, we had dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse (A+ would definitely go there again). Then, it was off to the movie. Our local theatre has assigned seating and it makes life much easier for someone like me. No arriving hours early to get good seats; we actually arrived 20 minutes before the show and still had great seats. I can't wait until we do another group date!

As for the movie itself. I laughed, cried and was incredibly moved. All the emotions from when I read the book (I breezed through a re-read of the second half a couple days beforehand) came back. Yes, there were changes, but there is nothing I could do about it. The books and movies are two different versions of the story. The movie was a FANTASTIC end to the movie storyline, not the book storyline. I lost it when *SPOILER* (although you should only not know this if you live under a rock ;) the survivors mourned over Fred, Tonks, and Lupin and I pretty much didn't stop crying until the end. I was also very touched by Snape's story and the Forest Scene. My one beef would be with the Epilogue; I wish they would've made it just a couple minutes longer and added some of Ron's jokes. But, it was still satisfying.

So, I survived another year and the celebrations that came with it. I'm really grateful for the people around me. It's nice to feel loved and I definitely felt extra-loved this birthday. Yay for this year now onto the next!


  1. Great recap dear! I too wonder about the age thing and since I'm a tad older have an aging perspective (get it? 'aging,' too funny). It is definitely relative, but as we get older the body aches increase, but so do the adventures, grand kids especially are really cool! So the joys out weigh the pains, I hope.

    Anyway, hugs & kisses to A & B, and I guess you & G too. :)

  2. P.S. That should have been A & J. Another age factor. :(



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