Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Video: Blanket Fun

A couple weeks ago, the kids thought it would be hilarious to hide from me in the blanket. Giggles, chaos, and fun ensued; naturally I got the camera.

I see you...


I LOVE this picture. Jared is obviously having so. much. fun.
Here's the video of the fun:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yoda Ears

Annabelle's hair is now long enough to put into pigtails. It's the cutest. The first time I tried it, she sat so still waiting to see what Mama was doing to her hair. Since then, even though she'll pick out which color bands she wants, I'm lucky if I even get one tail in.

Here's her first pair (I know, Mommy made them crooked)
I've gotten better... okay... less crooked...
A couple times into putting her hair up, Jared came over to me and asked me if I was giving Annabelle her 'Yoda Ears.' HA! Yes, kiddo, she's getting her own alien ears, just don't tell her that when you are older and she tries a new hair style. Then I might have to ground you. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love to Sleep

Our kids are not morning people. They have to practically be pried out of bed in the morning and after nap. After nap is usually grumpier because they take a long time to actually fall asleep. Most days they yell-talk to each other before they pass out, so they don't get to sleep until 30 minutes-ish into their nap time. It doesn't really bug me because they eventually go to sleep and still go to bed at 9 (they are night owls). I just wanted to document it since I had the chance.

This is what I found when I woke them up the other day.

Annabelle didn't even stir when I opened the door, so I grabbed the camera.
Jared was not too happy I took a picture of him.
I'm glad they know how important their sleep is. ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gramma Visit

Gramma came down for a quick visit this past weekend before going to the East Coast for a month. We had a great time; we just hung out and went to dinner (it's so HOT here), but it was still lots of fun.

I LOVE how the kids recognize their grandparents now. They get SO EXCITED to see them; it's adorable!

Have fun in Massachusetts, Gramma!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


One of the nicknames we've given the kids is 'goofballs.' Seriously, they are two of the goofiest kids I've ever encountered and I've got the pictures to prove it.

Jared LOVES to make silly faces. He thinks he's hilarious and they usually only last a second because he starts laughing. And yes, most of the faces happen at meal time. What a boy!

Annabelle makes this face when she's confused or mad at you. In this picture, she was fed up with all of Mommy's picture taking.
On our last laundry day, Jared took the empty basket and put it over himself. He then proclaimed he was a turtle and started walking around the house.

Not to be outdone, Annabelle got inside the other basket and started singing "Row Your Boat."
A couple days ago, they started rolling around on the kitchen floor for no reason. So, I grabbed the camera and this was what they gave me.
Last but not least, Bellie got to the oven mitts and decided they worked better on her feet, not her hands. Her fashion is SOOO forward. :)
These two definitely keep life interesting around here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Learning to Share

We made chocolate mousse the other night for dessert. Much love to {our best bites}!

Since we made mousse, we taught Jared the fine art of licking the beaters. Then, like the good big brother that he is, he taught Annabelle.
PLUS---This proves they can share, even when they don't.

Another cute picture for good measure.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday Celebrations (x3)!!!

I turned 27 last week. I think age has such a bad wrap. We are told to fear getting older and more feeble, but I think it's a load. Maybe it's because since kindergarten, I was always the youngest of my group of friends (even now in our group of friends I am by a month---take that Josh!), I don't know. Personally, I'm excited about growing older; its a badge of honor. It means I'm continuing to learn and grow into my eternal potential and that gets me excited. But, along the same lines, it doesn't mean that we stop having/being fun. Just because you're 'X' year old, doesn't mean you should stop having fun.

Anywho--- over the last few years, occasionally, the new Harry Potter movie (and the last book) came out within a week of my birthday. Nothing ever actually came out ON my birthday, but we'd always do something Harry Potter related since I'm a fan. I don't know if you heard, but the last movie came out and so I wanted to do a 'Harry Potter' birthday-eske celebration one last time. Since my birthday was a few days before the movie's release, we expanded my birthday celebrations to three days! I know, lucky me!

Wednesday, the actual birthday
I had a great day! The kids were great, I made something during nap time (for myself---which is really rare), and we went on a date downtown. Jared actually wouldn't stop telling me 'Happy Birthday' in some form our another. At one point, he even sang to me. I tried all day to get Annabelle to say the same thing, but she wouldn't UNTIL we were walking out the door to drop them off. Something that came as a surprise to me was how much all of the Facebook wishes meant to me. Maybe it's superfical, but I was really touched that people would actually want to wish me Happy Birthday.

Greg knows my favorite place in the city is the Riverwalk. I love the friendly, festive atmosphere; it's competely unique. He took me to a wonderful restaurant I had never been to before, The Iron Cactus. oh. so. good. We ate outside and while we waited for our food a mariachi band came by and played us a song. Then, it was slipped that is was my birthday, so they sang 'Happy Birthday' as well. I love Texas.

Greg love jalapenos!
27 never looked so good.
We love the riverwalk!
Thursday, Cake Day!
Since we went out by ourselves the night before, we didn't have cake. So, we invited our friends over for cake and Harry Potter Scene It (it's the only day of the year Gweg will play that game). This year's cake flavor: red velvet. yum. It was a lot of fun to have our friends over. I'm a BIG fan of celebrations (any kind), so naturally, I like to do so on my birthday too.

Friday, Triple-Date Movie Day!
As part of my birthday request, I wanted to have our first Triple-Date with the Baxters and Hedges to see the last Harry Potter movie. We had a great time; I even showed my inner-Potter geek by wearing my Gryffindor colors and tie (and they all still like me). The only bummer of the night was forgetting to bring the camera and take pictures (really bummed about that). Before the movie, we had dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse (A+ would definitely go there again). Then, it was off to the movie. Our local theatre has assigned seating and it makes life much easier for someone like me. No arriving hours early to get good seats; we actually arrived 20 minutes before the show and still had great seats. I can't wait until we do another group date!

As for the movie itself. I laughed, cried and was incredibly moved. All the emotions from when I read the book (I breezed through a re-read of the second half a couple days beforehand) came back. Yes, there were changes, but there is nothing I could do about it. The books and movies are two different versions of the story. The movie was a FANTASTIC end to the movie storyline, not the book storyline. I lost it when *SPOILER* (although you should only not know this if you live under a rock ;) the survivors mourned over Fred, Tonks, and Lupin and I pretty much didn't stop crying until the end. I was also very touched by Snape's story and the Forest Scene. My one beef would be with the Epilogue; I wish they would've made it just a couple minutes longer and added some of Ron's jokes. But, it was still satisfying.

So, I survived another year and the celebrations that came with it. I'm really grateful for the people around me. It's nice to feel loved and I definitely felt extra-loved this birthday. Yay for this year now onto the next!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fireworks-less Fourth

*the pictures include random ones from Mema & Deda's whole visit*

We had a great Fourth of July, even though the above title says otherwise. This is literally my FAVORITE holiday. I love the everything about it: barbeque, unbearble heat, Patriotism, the colors, random holiday fairs, the smell of the grill, chared pavement from the fireworks and capping the whole day of the a crazy display of explosives! Yay America!

Well, some of the plan had to be scrapped this year because of Texas' historical 'extreme' drought. It's not the worst on record, but when you're approaching 30+ days of 100+ heat, the land gets pretty dry. So dry, ALL (profession and not-so-professional) were banned three weeks before the Fourth. I still was determined to have a great holiday, so after a little planning with some friends we were set!

We started the morning off at our ward's annual Flag raising ceremony. Nothing gets me in a patriotic mood like Old Glory and a rendition of Star Spangled Banner!

Everyone dressed in their red, white and blue best! Jared still fit into his shirt from last year; since I had leftover tulle from another project, I made Annabelle a RWB tutu. She calls it her 'princess' skirt.

They hold the activity at a local park, so the kids are able to run around and play while adults chatter and eat. Jared remembered the park from winter playdates; Bellie had absolutely NO FEAR--- except when swinging (don't ask me why). She'd climb on the hardest contraptions like she was one of the big kids. Freaked me out every time; I left most of the wrangling to Daddy, Mema, and Deda because I didn't want to freak out every time she climbed. I wasn't worried about Jared because he's so good at it now.

After the park and a good nap for the kids (and Daddy and Deda), we had friends over for a barbeque. But, if you recall, we don't have a bbq. Problem solved by a friend who has a semi-portable grill and the desire to hone in his grilling skills. We had a great spread and, as always, plenty leftover. I had another chance to break out my Trifle bowl and make a {Patriotic Trifle} for dessert. It was a HUGE hit. I'm definitely making it again.

Funny moment from the party: The Kid's table. This get-together was the first time we had a designated kiddos' table and it was a HUGE success. Everyone sat still and ate their dinner (which is an Independence Day miracle). Since then, Jared has asked me to bring the table downstairs and use it again. :)

To end our celebrations, we planned to go to the pool and have some water fun. Nothing like a cool dip in the pool on the summer's best holiday. Except when the pool is closed. Yep, the pool was closed.

After ditching ideas to crash another neighborhood's pool, we treked back to the house (all in our pool gear) and set up the sprinklers for the kids. It was fun to see them run around and some of the adults even let their inner kid loose and joined in on the fun (yes, I was one of the them). We then got out our extent of fireworks (pop-its and leftover snakes from New Year's) and started to have a pop-it war; a bunch of us started getting into it, until Jared freaked out because he didn't like the noise. We'll work him through that because I'm sure, in years to come, he'll be out there doing the throwing.

After saying goodbye to our holiday crew, we ended the celebrations watching the Macy's Fireworks on TV. They were pretty cool, but I'm crossing my fingers that we get to see the real thing next year. Please end drought, so we can blow stuff up again (and for other reasons too).

Monday, July 11, 2011

Return to the Zoo

Like the new blog look? We do!

Mema and Deda came to visit us over the Fourth weekend and we had a great time. We went on walks, shopping trips and a couple of outings. We also showed them how much we enjoy the pool on these HOT summer days. Every night ended with special Grandparent story time; one night Greg and I went on a date. Jared even saw Cars 2 again on a special date with Mema & Deda.

Our 'big' outing took us back to the zoo for the first time in a few months. Our annual passes expired and we were debating on if we wanted to get passes anywhere else. Truth is, with the kids' age restrictions and our budget restrictions, the zoo is really the only affordable place to have passes to. Funny Jared story, he knew we were going to the zoo that morning, so he picked out his 'animal' outfit from our {Disney Animal Kingdom adventure}; Annabelle also picked out her animal shirt.

The best part about this visit to the zoo was... NOT HAVING A STROLLER! Yay! Jared doesn't need the monkey anymore since he'll obey when we ask him to stay (most of the time), so we strapped the Monkey on our own resident Monkey and had a great time. We didn't have to navigate, park, or worry about anything but the one bag we brought and keeping an extra eye on Jared. It was great.

I actually used my BYU Semester at Nauvoo bag and we had a girl come up to us and ask about it. She didn't even know that used to be an option. It made me feel a little bit 'dated', but at the same time grateful because I was able to have that unique experience before it was no longer offered. Eight years later, I'm still grateful I was able to go. ;)

It was HOT, but not as hot as it could have been, and we only stayed until nap time. Jared still remembered our route we usually take to see all the animals; he'd even tell us what animal was up next. Even though it had been 4+ months since we'd been, he remembered.

The kids really liked the aquarium this time. Bellie wouldn't stop saying "Nemo-fishy"; in fact, every fish in the building was "Nemo-fishy." They also like seeing the African Wild Dogs run around instead of sleeping. Jared especially liked the dog who made laps in front of viewing glass. Jared also showed Mema & Deda how to feed the Loris; Mommy, Daddy, and Belle kept our distance outside the encounter. They had some kind of summer program going on that day, so Jared was able to go fishing and learn about some animals. We ended our adventure at Jared's favorite building: the Snake house. Like always, Jared the Reptile Whisperer was able to get them to move and he loved it.

I think it's safe to say we'll be going back a few times over the year.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Difference of a Year

I was all primed to put up a video today, then I went to load it from my phone and it wouldn't let me. Boo. I could probably figure it out, but I have too much to do (i.e. really don't want to deal with it right now) before we have a SOTW pool party in a few hours.

On Sunday, we had the kiddos dress up in their Red, White, and Blue best. It was adorable.
See, I told you.

I was particularly struck by Annabelle because she wore the same dress I made her for the Fourth last year.

Last year: almost 8 months old with her enthusiastic Aunt Meggie.
Here she is on Sunday, almost 20 months old. Everyone says the second one grows up faster and they're RIGHT! Every day, I'm in awe with how much she is learning and growing. She's not a baby anymore, and even Jared noticed. Yesterday at lunch, he turned to me and said, "Annabelle is a big girl now, right, Mommy?" Yep, she is buddy.

More to come on our fun Fourth time with Mema & Deda.


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