Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where You'll Find Us

Since vacation, the weather has been nice and toasty; in the last month, we've had one day under 90. That's what happens when you live in South Texas, right? Since it's hot, we've taken up a second residence at our neighborhood pool. Over the last month, we've been there AT LEAST once a week.

Annabelle cannot get enough of the water. She's a little fish. Over Father's Day weekend, we bought her some arm floaties because the girl constantly wanted to swim by herself. They were a HUGE hit. She proved my theory of her fish-like tendencies and started kicking herself all over the place. This girl will definitely get swim lessons, especially since they're really big in South Texas. Funniest thing about her swimming is that she sings "Row Your Boat" as she's kicking around. 19 1/2 months old and already has a great sense of humor.

Since I didn't have my camera with me, I brought it the next time we went to the pool and she loved her floaties even more. With Daddy:

Video proof:

Jared started the season off as apprehensive about the pool as he was last year. He'd always wear his Buzz vest and scream if we took him away from the little steps. Then, he saw Annabelle enjoy herself and started to get more adventurous. During one of these adventures Greg and I realized that Jared was tall enough to walk around the shallow-end. Once we convinced him he could touch the bottom (and it took some bribing with cookie funds), he thought it was awesome. Here he is the same day as the Annabelle video:

After I shot the videos, Jared kept looking at Bellie's floaties. We were almost done with our outing that night when he asked if he could have his own pair. I was so excited because he's never been too fond of the water. So, later that week, we got him some and our last pool time was a huge hit with both the kids. They both practiced their swimming skills and loved going out into the deep end.

So--- if you ever need to find us during these long summer nights, check the pool first. Chances are, we'll be there.

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