Saturday, June 11, 2011

MM Day 7: Downtown Disney & Home

Since our flights didn't leave until early evening we still had half a day to spend together. We had a half-day to make EVEN MORE memories for me to blog about... it's like the vacation that never ends... in a very good way...

Turtle-hunting & Downtown Disney
After seeing how much Annabelle LOVED the Nemo ride and Crush exhibit at Epcot, we decided at Hollywood Studios that one of her big soveniors could be a stuffed Crush... too bad HS was the only WDW park to NOT sell Nemo merchandise. So, we spent the morning hunting. First, we tried the discount outlet store; it was almost as cool as Meg's store. Almost. Then, we decided to enter the resort one more time and go to the largest World of Disney store in the world at Downtown Disney. As we entered DD, we walked past the Lego store and they had these Larger-than-life Lego sculptures set up around the store. A scene from Toy Story & Sleeping Beauty, a family of vacationers and a Sea Serpent; all made from Legos. It was impressive.

Even more impressive was the World of Disney store. I'm seriously not kidding; this. store. is. HUGE. I almost cried when I walk in, either cause I was overwhelmed or excited; I'm still not sure. If I was a little dog, I would have peed all over the floor. Anything you could imagine related to Disney is in that store. After we found what we were looking for, plus a couple last minute things, we said our first byes to Megbo (I have the world's COOLEST sister) and were off to the airport.

Airport Fun
Going through the airport this time around was a breeze, mostly because we had three other people to help carry our crazy load. We had purposefully scheduled our flights to have close departing times, so once we got through security we all parked in the comfy chairs and enjoyed a little bit more time together. Jared played with Z & Oba while Bellie cuddled with Jiji and the V-reader.

As always, when the time came, it was hard to part ways and I finally figured out why. Since my folks live in Seattle it's really hard for either of us to visit each other. It's a long, hard day of traveling, it's ridiculously expensive, and it's hard for either side to get vacation time. So, our visits with them are now once a year. Twice, if we're lucky. I loved my parents before, but since I've become a parent myself, I understand and appreciate even more what they did with the four of us. The last time we sawt them before this vacation was when Park left for his mission; skype has made it easier, but I look forward to a day (crosses fingers) when the distance is shortened. Back to the story...

Once we said goodbye, the kiddos requested a movie and Beauty & the Beast was the pick. Jared sat transfixed, besides when we picked up dinner, until it was time to board, which ended up being 45 minutes longer because we were delayed. And once portable devices were permitted, he watched the rest of the movie and started another one. Gweg was again on Bellie duty and she was better than our flight out. Yay for the simple joy of having a nice flight.

Back in Texas & Memories Made
Once the plane started the descent, Jared got excited, yelling 'back in Texas, yay Texas, etc.' I guess he was ready to be home. He definitely showed it on the way home when he had a breakdown in the car. It took a while for us to adjust back after having the trip of a lifetime. The kiddos still love to sing all the Disney songs they learned. Any time a Disney movie starts now they shout 'Disneyworld!' They even recognize the Disneyworld commercials; Jared has told me numerous times he wants to back.

It was so magical. Yes, there were lines. Yes, there were arguments. Yes, it was definitely HOT. But, it was fun, silly, and brought out the kid in all of us. We were able to let go of EVERYTHING that recently happened and heal much faster. I did have a couple hard days right after we got back because I finally had to face what happened before we left, but that was the ONLY negative. We, obviously, came back with new adventures and stories to tell. We loved it so much that we're already talking about next time... we'll see when that happens but we do know it will happen.

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  1. Great recaps of our adventures...wish we could go back, or more importantly see y'all tomorrow! XOXO



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