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MM Day 6: Hollywood Studios

Monday was our last day at the parks and we saved it for Hollywood Studios. This park gets the 'most thrills in one park' award. We also didn't get to everything in the park (you think a day per park is enough---- no way!) Another thrill waited around every corner and here's why:

Since we enjoyed a day of rest before our HS day, we actually got up in time to arrive when the park opened. We just had to go pick up Meg at her apartment and head over to the park, nothing we hadn't done before that week. Except Jared wanted to bring his new lightsaber in the car. We figured it would be okay since he'd be in a car full of adults to keep an eye on hit; the problem came when the adults sitting next to him haven't become parents yet, so they haven't developed the 'sixth sense' of 'knowing' when someone is about to do something naughty.

While driving from Meg's apartment to the park, Jared decided the best place for his lightsaber would be down his throat. Since he inherited Greg's gag reflux, he prompting puked all over his front. So instead of making the turn to Hollywood, we went for the condo. Jared & his seat got a quick hose down and luckily we had done laundry the night before so he could have new clothes. He was a little bummed about not wearing his Star Wars shirt. Well, next time don't put your lightsaber down your throat.

May the Force be with You

Both Star Tours rides at WDW and DL have been closed for an overhaul. The one at WDW reopened the weekend we were there. We actually wanted to go during the weekend because Jared is already developing a love of Star Wars (not too hard when it's one of his Mommy's and Daddy's all-time favorite movies) and he was so excited to see the characters they place all around the park. Unfortunately, the Star Wars Weekend dates were blacked out for Meg to get us in, so we had to move Hollywood Studios to Monday; specifically to go on the new Star Tours.

Greg, Z & I went on it first. It. was. awesome. It's less jerky, in 3D, and the locations vary with each ride. While waiting in line, you see walk under an AT-AT, go through space security, and Artoo and C3PO. We went to Kashyyk (the Wookie planet) and Coruscant; Meg, Oba & Jiji went to Hoth & Naboo.

Muppet Vision
While we were taking turns on Star Tours, the counterparts took the kiddos to see Muppet Vision 3D. Jared thought the whole thing was hilarious; he'd try to get the 3D images and even pointed to all of the 'live' puppets. Annabelle played the same tricks she was up to during Pirates the day before. She sat still when Sweetums came out, but that was about it. ;)

Indiana Jones & His Stunt Show
Another fun highlight of the day was the Indiana Jones' stunt show. It used some of the stunt sequences of Raiders to show how they're actually pulled off. Z was really bummed when he wasn't picked to be in it. Jared got really nervous each time they did a stunt, but then said 'whoa' when it was done. One of Jared's favorite songs to hum now is the Indiana Jones' theme.

Beauty Tower Rocks!
We did a boys/girls rider split for the first time on Tower of Terror; so while the boys went to the ride, we took the kiddos to see the Beauty & the Beast show. They were mesmerized the WHOLE time. The only time Jared even said anything was when he saw the characters for the first time and when Gaston stabbed Beast, he asked if the Beast would be okay. Bellie's funny moment came when she finally recognized Princess Belle at the end, when she changed into her yellow dress. :)

After the boys came back, Meg and I went on the Tower together. We had a great time and I totally understand now why that Tower is better than the California one. I ended up getting the corner seat and it did not help for trying to a get a grip before the fall.

We finally got the hang of using Fast Passes and Rider Swaps to work together (better late than never), so we were able to all go on the Aerosmith's coaster twice. The first time, Meg, Greg and I went together since he had to take her to work soon thereafter. Oba & Jjii went while Z & I took the kiddos to watch the Pixar Parade (we barely missed McQueen) which they were both able to recognize every character and get excited (I think, maybe, we watch the Pixar movies in our house...)

Toy Story Mania

Before they left to take Meg to work, we were able to use our Fast Passes for Toy Story Mania. It's the most popular ride at HS; late in the day the wait can be 2+ hours, so we knew Fast Passes were a must! It's so much fun! First off, the ride attendants' badge said she was a BYU-I student, so we were able to talk to her for a bit about school.

Jared specifically wanted to ride with me, so we had some fun. The gun was just a step above for him to operate; you needed to be able to aim the gun with one hand and pull the shooter with the other and he wasn't strong enough to do both. Plus, he was SO excited to see all of the Toy Story characters. Basically, I spent the whole ride trying to aim for both of us and shoot for me. I can't wait to take that game on again!

Woody & Buzz

Across from the entrance to Toy Story Mania in an air-conditioned meet-n-greet with Woody & Buzz. Jared saw this before we even went on the ride and got really excited. He kept telling me "Mommy, I want to go in there to meet Woody & Buzz." So, while we waiting for Greg to come back after taking Meg to work, we went to stand in line. Besides the princesses, it was the only character line we stood in all week. Here's what happened when we met the adventurous duo:

Studio Backlot & Running into Mike... literally
When Greg got back, we decided to take the Studio Backlot tour which was cool until we realized it replaced the last showing of the Cars stunt show... whoops... we already have a To-Do list for next time we go. After we finished the tour, it dumped us out through two gift shops, the second one being right next to a Monsters, Inc. door. As we were waiting there, Mike came out to say hi. Since the line was super-short, we decided to wait and meet the little green eyeball:

Pizza Planet, More Force & Princess Time

For dinner we continued the Toy Story trend and took Jared to Pizza Planet. He was in little boy heaven; we were lucky we ate even a little bit of dinner. Everyone took a turn at playing some games. Jiji, Gweg, Z and the kiddos were pretty occupied with the games, so Oba & I slipped away for some girl time at where else... Star Tours. We rode it again because it changes with each ride. This time we went to Tattooine and Naboo. And again, it. was. awesome. Once the boys finished playing games, they decided to follow that up by going to The Little Mermaid show. I'm pretty sure that's the definition of awesome guys, when they'll go sit through girly show for the kiddos. Apparently, it was pretty cool and everyone LOVED it.

Stroller Pass Out & Replacing Fantasmic
After a fun-filled week of Disney, 730 hit and this is what happened:

The kiddos passed out on their own; one minute awake and ready to move to another ride and the next minute they are both GONE. Since the kiddos were asleep, we decided to take advantage of early seating for the fireworks show, Fantasmic. The only problem was we had to park the stroller. Uh oh. They literally had just fallen asleep, so we made the decision to skip the show, add it to the growing list of 'To-Dos' for the next time, and re-do Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster.

It ended up being a BLAST! For both ride Gweg and I we ended up with front-row seats. For Tower it was ridiculously cool and scary all at the same time. Cool because it was the front, we were able to see everything during the ride part; scary because we could see down (when eyes were open) during the drop. Seriously, so fun. Rockin' was fun because we were able to see the track more than anyone could in the dark setting. Plus, we made ridiculously goofy faces before the launch. And, I think we were able to cheer up the ride attendant who was pulling a double :p.

After we swapped, it was closing time and we were all excited to get some rest but really sad our awesome vacation went so fast.

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  1. So glad you agree with me about WDW's Tower of Terror being better. Can't wait until we can all go together.



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