Friday, June 3, 2011

MM Day 1: Traveling

Oh my goodness, this day was CRAZY! It all started with packing. Being only two adults and two toddlers, you'd think we wouldn't have a lot to pack; well, you'd be wrong. I started packing the day before, but with my whole miscarriage ordeal, I didn't finish. Actually, I kept trying to do some more but Gweg would quickly scold me before I could get anything done. So, we got up earlier than usual for our flight and got to finish packing.

We got out the door with everything in tow, or so we thought, in order to be at the airport with an hour and a half before our flight. After a friend dropped us off, we started to take inventory. Two carseats. check. Two kids. Check. Carry-on entertainment. Check. Pack-n-play. Check. Four..three suitcases.... uh oh. We were missing a suitcase. It was the suitcase with ALL the kiddos clothes, nightlight, lovies. THAT suitcase. We quickly call our friend and realize the worst; somehow it was left at home. A couple calls later, we had another awesome friend, go to our house to pick up the suitcase and meet Greg and our first friend half-way to the airport.

Leaving me to go through security with the kiddos. When the guys left to go get the suitcase, I totally thought I could handle it; then my crazy hormones and cramps kicked in. I had a 'poor me' moment because no one could outwardly tell what I was inwardly facing. With time ticking away, I had to face the fact that less than 24 hours after a traumatic physical event, I might have to travel across the country by myself.

After surving security because of helpful TSA agents (I know, lucky!) I tried not to freak out; especially since Greg wasn't answering his phone. About 10 minutes before boarding started, Greg was still no where to be seen. I was literally about to breakdown because of how physically and emotionally spent I was... and then he showed up to save the day.

When we boarded, we were able to sit near the front of the plane and the kids were great. I guess the better assessment is that Jared was great; Annabelle was the terror her age requires while traveling. Nothing would keep her entertained and it was basically up to Greg to keep her occupied because her favorite thing to do was bounce on our laps; not good for my recovery. So, Jared and I spent the plane ride trying to color, play toys or watch movies. Funny Jared note: He was really into the whole ride. You could tell he tried to wrap his mind around us going up and down in the sky and flying over the ocean. When he remembered he randomly would exclaim, "mommy/daddy we're flying over the ocean." And he was SUPER excited when we landed because he thought we were at Disneyworld right then. We then had to break it to him that we weren't going to Disneyworld until tomorrow.

Between landing and finding the rental car shuttle, Gweg and I performed the greatest balancing act you'll ever seen. We had: four suitcases, two carseat, three carryon bags, a pack-n-play, and our awesome double stroller. I still don't know how we got it all safely into the shuttle. It was the downfall to staying off-resort, but it didn't make up for the money saved.

First thing we did once we picked up our rental car (a Toyota Sienna---which has fully convinced me that I can be a mini-van mom when the time comes--- it was awesome!) was find my sister's place. My sister is doing the whole College-Internship Program this summer, which is why we were able to afford the vacation; she got three of us in for free. Plus it was way for us to spend time together since we sent off my missionary brother LAST July.

We caught up, went shopping and found our little condo home for the week. It was a great place. 3 bedrooms, 3 bath and it has a small private pool on the back patio. Definitely a great place to stay if you want to save money while going to WDW. We spent the rest of the night waiting for the Seattle crew to arrive; they had 12 hours of travel compared to our 3 hour straight flight. So, they didn't arrive until late evening, just in time to say hi and get ready for the Magic of the next day...

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