Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Master Makeover: Part One

Back when I was in the middle of SOTW, we finally decided what colors to paint our room. We bought the paint thinking we'd have time in between rehearsals to actually do some painting. This past weekend, we finally got to it. Saturday was the room itself and Sunday was the bathroom.

Luckily, we were able to get most of it done while the kiddos were sleeping; once they woke up, we played tag-team. One on parental play duty while the other painted our room. The bathroom took longer than expected because of ALL the extra trim and shelves to tape and paint around. We finished the whole suite around 1130 Sunday night/Monday morning. It felt so good. We LOVE it. It's only the first step in a series to get our room to the serene zen-like atmosphere we want, but it's nice to have the colors done and it definitely helps the feel of the room. It's big time motivation to save for the rest of the bedroom makeover. One day... one day...

Jared helped us prep the room before nap time. He went upstairs to get his tools so he could help take the blinds down.

The room in all it's prepped glory.

Our helpers keeping a lookout for 'pirates.'

I think Jared found someone...


The finished product.

The bathroom suite.... going in...

Bathroom... coming out...
Seriously excited to see it come together... as it comes together, so will the updates. :)


  1. The blue is really nice. Very zen. :)

    As you already know, I really like the kanji wall hangings. Kudos to Megs for doing them.

  2. It's hard to tell from the pictures... are they the same color or is the bathroom slightly darker? Either way, the color family looks great! Can't wait to see how it evolves. :-)



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