Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Adventures

Here are some things I didn't want to miss this month:
  • As noted, we spend most of our free time at the pool. We all LOVE it and I'm pretty sure that's how the rest of the summer will go.
  • In the middle of our cleaning extravaganza yesterday, Jared packed his backpack to get ready for a 'campout.' He loves to pretend to go camping and usually he doesn't tell me where he goes; that day he told his destination: Florida.
  • One Sunday, I repainted mine and Annabelle's toes. After I was done with our toes, she looked at me and then put her hand in my face. She wanted her fingernails painted. I'd never painted mine in front of her and I couldn't help giggle because our little girl knew she needed her fingernails painted too.
  • Jared and Annabelle love to play together. It's hilarious. The last couple of days, Jared will call for Annabelle to come and play and she'll quip back, 'okay, I will.' So funny to hear their conversations.
  • Annabelle started to pray this month. She's been listening to Jared say prayers multiple times a day and started asking her if she wanted to. The first few times, she wouldn't talk at all. Then one night, she repeated what Greg said. It. was. adorable. She's said one or two since and it's always super cute and excited when she's done.
  • Jared had his first lesson about the power of prayer this month. While getting ready for bed, he couldn't find one of his toys he likes to sleep with. He was really distraught about it, so Greg and I mentioned we should ask Heavenly Father to help you find it. With that, he said his prayer and went to bed. The next morning, while playing upstairs, he yelled down to me "mommy I found my toy!" So I went upstairs, we celebrated and I sat him down to say a prayer to thank Heavenly Father for the help. I told him how I felt the Spirit with us; it was sweet moment to be apart of and I hope he felt it too.
  • Bellie can also count to 10... give or take a number. She does really well, if prompted, but if not she'll do the 6 to 9 numbers over and over again. The same goes with the alphabet. She can sing a lot of it, but she really likes Q through Z and will sing that section 'til the cows come home. ;)
  • Jared is fast turning into a smart little boy, but even he has moments (Jared, if you're older and reading this, I'm sorry but it was too funny not to document). One morning Jared got dressed like he normally did; I stopped supervising him because he's really good at it and super smart. We had to run out to Hobby Lobby that day and he ALWAYS has to use the restroom there (not kidding--- and he really does use it). This time, he had a difficult time getting redressed after doing his business. So, I went to help him and that's when I noticed why he had problems. He had two pair of underwear on. He forgot to take yesterday's off while getting dressed that morning. It was then he noticed, looked at me with a serious gaze and said, "Mommy I have two underwears on." We removed the extra one when we got home. Such a funny kid.
  • Both kids really really REALLY love music. They both have songs to sing and I'm starting to think we need to be on the look out for a piano on Craigslist. Some of the current hits include: Star Wars and Indiana Jones theme music, Row Your Boat, Jesus want me for a Sunbeam (classic), Army of Helaman, and the list can go on and on.
  • We took Jared to his first real theatre experience. I say his first because he was actually paying attention, not sleeping (like the other times we took him). It had nothing to do with the fact that the movie was Cars 2. We left Annabelle with some friends to have Princess Party fun and then the three of us went to see the movie. It was a fun movie and Jared was GLUED to it the WHOLE time. Impressive for a three-year-old.
We end the month today, with Mema and Deda coming to visit for the Fourth of July weekend. I've got a few more things to do before they arrive, so here's to more adventures in July and always!

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