Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend 2011

We had a great past weekend, but I, to show the doofus that I am, forgot to take pictures. Whoops.

It all started Friday night, when we volunteered to chaperone at a Youth Conference dance. With Greg's calling in the Young Men's presidency, this should be the first of many chaperone experiences. We arrived a little late (only 10 minutes) to help out with dinner, only to find out that dinner was pretty much done. They told us to come back for the dance at 830; it was 510. We did what anyone else would do, we went on an impromptu date to dinner and a movie, Green Lantern. Greg and I both enjoyed the movie; He's Greg's favorite superhero and he enjoyed the movie, so take that critics!

We came back to the dance just as it started. Greg and I come from two different Youth dancing experiences. Greg can count on ONE hand how many dances he went to; I don't remember how many I went to and they were always so fun! It was really different to be there as a leader. It was fun to see how some things didn't change, the crazy way to enthusiastic youth leader, the 5'9" girl dancing with the 4'9" guy, the mass boy exodus to the food whenever a slow song came on, the group of girls in the back always dancing even if there wasn't a boy around. To see the awkwardness of youth as a bystander was really amusing. It also made me really glad to be out of that stage and where I'm at. A couple nice surprises of the night were running into SOTW cast and crew members and getting Greg to slow dance with me for the FIRST time SINCE our WEDDING! VICTORY!

Saturday was a pretty typical Saturday, things around the house, errands to run until we went to Birthday Party for our friend Nick in New Braunfels. He and his family moved out of our neighborhood almost a year ago; it ended up being the ol' neighborhood gang back together again. This is really when I kicked myself for not having a camera. They live in a complex right next to the river, so we were able to rope swing, tube and skip rocks into the river. Greg did a pretty good swing into the river, while I did a little something that was meant for America's Funniest Home Videos (go figure). Annabellie took the river really well; she went out on a 'tube date' with Caleb and Parker. The river group then spent some time in a bank across the river skipping rock and stepping on wasps (GREG!).

Jared wouldn't go anywhere near the river, at first. He didn't trust it at all, so he and I, along with some other non-river swimmers, went up to the pool. He was having a grand ol' time doing what he normally does in the pool, until he saw Bellie and Daddy across the river and realized what he missed. Until they came back, he asked me every few seconds if he could go in the river now. I wasn't about to wade with a non-life-vested three-year-old across the river all by myself; just kept asking and tried to escape a few times. At one point, I even threw him back in the pool, with adults close by, of course. Tough lesson, but I think he might try the river next time. After swimming fun, we had dinner and dessert and then had to make the trek back home. We had a great time and I'm super bummed I didn't get pictures!

Sunday was DADDY's DAY! The kiddos gave him hugs and kisses and said their cute Father's Day wishes. Then, Jared sang a couple Daddy songs they had been learning in Nursery--- so cute! At church, they were all given cookies (seriously!--- Memo for Mom's Day) and Jared kept saying "happy father's day Daddy." We spent the rest of the day relaxing and we worked together to make some yummy Chili Lime Steak with Mango Pico de Gallo. After the kids went to bed, we ended the evening with a little bit of Raiders of the Lost Ark, only to find the man o the day fall asleep half-way through because he's so tired. I'm so grateful for Greg and the things that make him an incredible Daddy and husband. One of the highlights of my day is when Greg comes home, not just because he's home but, because Jared and Belle cannot wait to get downstairs to say hi to him. They literally shake with excitement when they hear the garage door because that means Daddy's home! They get to play, laugh, wrestle, read, fly and be more loved. I'm grateful to be the Mommy to his Daddy.

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