Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mommy's Time Out

Jared Side Note: When I told Jared I would be gone most of a Saturday at a special Time Out, he told me that I've been good and didn't need a Time Out. Ha! Not that kind of Time Out, buddy.

Over the last weekend in April, a few girlfriends and I went to this AWESOME event, {Time Out for Women}. We had a great time navigating our way through downtown, making loops through highways, catching up with old friends, making into new ones, and generally uplifting each other.

I loved every part of this weekend. It was a nice recharge and a great reminder how everything I'm doing is worth the time, effort and means. I had lots of fun memories from the weekend, but these were some of my favorites:
  • Driving downtown Friday night: I volunteered to drive downtown Friday night. I had only driven downtown once before over a year ago, so I knew this would be fun. Yikes; at one point everyone tried to navigate and suddenly understood why men complain about Backseat Drivers. We actually made a few circles to get to the right parking place and now I look back and it's hilarious.
  • Friday Night, in General: Both presenters were incredible. They were so good, we started quoting them the next day too. We even met the musical presenter the next morning. :)
  • Waking Early on Saturday: TOFW was scheduled the same day as SA's The Race for the Cure, so in order to get parking and avoid road closures we got up EXTRA early to arrive two hours before the event started. Luckily, I brought some Phase 10 to keep us occupied during our wait. A bonus for being early was we had GREAT seats the whole day because we were so early.
  • Jericho Road: They happened to be the musical performers Saturday and it was HILARIOUS the effect they had on the women at the event. I mean, their music is great (especially after hearing them live), and so is the message, but there was literally a pack of Groupies screaming and going crazy almost every song. And when they did a "Boy Band Song" Montage--- holy moly, the screaming that went on in the room probably scared half of downtown. They will forever remind me of TOFW and make me giggle.
  • Conformity: I loved every presenter (one was border-line annoying) and their message, however, I was really struck with the message about Conformity. The ideas he presented were ideas I've had before, and so I was really glad to hear it coming from another source. I love how he reminded us that the Gospel isn't cookie-cutter. We are meant to keep the commandments and follow Christ, but that doesn't mean we should all live life exactly the same way. It. was. awesome.
  • Eating on the Riverwalk: During the lunch break, we went downstairs to the Riverwalk (the convention center is on the River---- I LOVE downtown) and ate at Casa Rio; it's the oldest restaurant on the Riverwalk and it's good and lots of fun. We were even able to feed a duck and find Waldo.
The only thing I walked away bummed about was not getting a picture of our crazy fun group of ladies. I seriously LOVE them all and we're already talking about road-tripping to Houston or Dallas next year.

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