Thursday, June 9, 2011

MM Day 5: Day of Rest

*Pictures from this day and other travel days will be with the last day post*

We took the next day to rest, explore the 'cast member' side of WDW, and take our first trip to Downtown Disney.

Slow Morning & Golden Lunch
I guess the full three days before finally caught up to everyone because the whole condo took it slow. We ended up relaxing, reading, playing and waiting for Meggie to wake up after her crazy late shift.

After she woke up, she picked her up and went to Golden Corral for lunch. I only where we ate because Annabelle was apparently still really tired and fell asleep on the way there and then spent most of lunch time napping on Jiji's shoulder. It was really cute. She woke up just in time to have a little bit of lunch herself.

Cast Connection
After lunch, Meg took us behind the scenes to a cast member store called Cast Connection. We were able to get most of our souvenirs there for deep discount. It was pretty cool to go places most guests don't go on a Disney Vacation. Jared even somehow conned his Aunt Meggie into getting him a lightsaber for 25 cents.

A Pirate's Life for us...well most of us...

We then had to drop Meg off for work, and had a half day to spare. So, why not use it to explore Downtown Disney? We actually didn't explore too much because we decided to go see the new Pirates movie--- with the kids! Jared was a great movie goer; he sat in his seat, ate his popcorn and whispered, until the trailers came on. Then he'd say "Mommy look a "fill in the blank" movie. He was really excited; which gives me hope for taking him to Cars 2 later this month. When the movie started, he got all excited about it being a pirate movie then... he fell asleep. He laid down and napped the whole movie. Annabelle was a different story.

Being the fun age of 'new toddler' she is always on the move. It makes pretty much anything difficult, especially sitting still. For the first few minutes, she'd try to sit in mine, Jiji's or Obas lap, then she'd get bored and try to escape. Finally, Oba the Saint took her out to walk around the theatre. I felt so bad like I should be the one walking the halls; I mentioned this to Greg and he reminded me that Oba & Jiji could go on a date to see it again way easier than we could. True. Oba did try to bring Bellie back in, but yet again, she wouldn't sit still. After the movie, I started apologizing to my Mom and she told me the same thing Greg said. Okay... maybe I shouldn't feel too bad... but for future reference: Belle doesn't do movie theatres.

We ended our relax day with the condo pool, pizza and more movies. The day definitely helped us recharge for Hollywood Studios...

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