Monday, May 9, 2011

McKenna Museum

We started Jared's birthday celebration off this weekend by going to New Braunfels and checking out the {McKenna Children's Museum}. We wanted to do something special as a family since Greg has to work on Jared's birthday tomorrow and I really don't feel like taking on the toddlers alone... for some reason or another.

Anyway, we had a great time. Well, the kids had a great time. I expected it to be like the Science Center in St. Louis, where everyone can get involved; it's not. Since we had a kid each to worry about and interact with, it wasn't too bad; we're just grateful we didn't go with grandparents. Lots of adults in the group equals some boredom and phone surfing (just what we witnessed).

Back to the museum--- it was great! It has a farm, hospital, house, exercise/health area, grocery store, art area, space center, bank, newspaper column, engineer center, a dinosaur dig, a garden and a water exploration area. Jared really liked the art center, the space area (he pointed out R2D2), dino dig (go figure), and the grocery store. Annabelle also liked the grocery store, art center (our kids created some nice modern art), the water center and the exercise games.

They were particularly funny in the grocery store, meticulously picking out all the food and checking it out. Jared even made sure we put everything back (amazing) and even cleaned up after a girl's birthday party rolled through.

Review: It was worth the trip, just as a family, but not for an outing with the grandparents.

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