Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's JARED's Birthday!

After the stress of Jared's birthday party last year, we made a new rule that we'd only do birthday parties on the EVEN birthdays. So, Jared's birthday was really low-key. Jared picked out a few presents with a gift card the night before. I wrapped all but one, a catching fish game. The kids love the game. It makes me think some preschool games are in their future. Candy Land? Ants in the Pants? After they went to bed, Greg and I did some Birthdayifying (it's a new word, I just made up) of the living room. And we were ready to go for the morning.

The day was, like I said, low-key. We hung out, played toys, watched Cars, and had fun. For dinner I made his favorite, yakisoba and gyozas (it's what he requested again). Then we had our neighborhood friends over for cake, cream puffs and presents.

I didn't make the cake this year, however, I made the frosting and my first ever cream puffs. So good. The kids, of course, all helped with opening the presents and chaos ensued when my parents tried to skype while we had our friends over. Then the boys decided to use Jared's new Mack storage to ride on down the hall. Pretty clever, I sense some mischief in Jared and Caleb's future.

I'm so amazed Jared is 3. Not that I didn't expect him to survive this long, it's just hard to fathom how fast it's gone. My little baby boy is a soon-to-be preschooler, learning new things every day. He asks questions CONSTANTLY and still has issues with expressing his emotions. He absolutely ADORES Annabelle and is a Star Wars fan in the making (he picked out Luke and a speeder for one of his toys and really REALLY wants to see Star Wars stuff next weekend).

I'm so grateful to be his Mom. I'm grateful that he discovers new things and knows how much he is loved, especially by his earthly and heavenly parents. Happy Birthday, Buddy. We love you dearly.

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  1. I gotta get one of those fishing games... Addie would LOVE it.



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