Monday, April 18, 2011

Hidden Gems

I found some great pictures over the last six weeks that I didn't want to skip.

Annabelle found herself under my seat in Relief Society a few Sundays ago. Even though it was church, I couldn't pass it up, especially since the lesson was on Journal Keeping. Mother's Day will be a great day---because Annabelle will be joining nursery. :)

Greg braved a birthday party without me one Saturday in March. It was Knights and Castles themed so they all made horses to ride. All we need now is a pair of coconuts. :)

Hammin' it up at Lowe's while Greg and I pick colors to paint our room (still sitting in the can).

The kids and I made a couple trips to the temple to put advertisements for SOTW up in the bookstore. We always walk around the temple when we take the kids and this is my attempt to get a picture of the pair.
After the temple they got suckers at HEB and I caught them sharing with each other on the couch. TOO CUTE!
Don't ask me why, but Jared thought his shorts worked better as a hat on this morning.
He wanted me to take a picture of him and his toys!
Where's Jared?

One of the best pictures of the pair of goofs we call our kids.
Annabelle walked into the sprinklers for the first time on a windy Monday evening. She thought it was hilarious, until she realized she was wet and cold.
Our most recent attempt at a family picture.
The Saturday morning of SOTW we had some breakfast burritos and the kiddos snuck a piece of bacon and began sharing their bounty.
Also that Saturday, we went up to Boerne for the Corvette Car Show (I know, we weren't busy at all that day). We've got every year since we've lived here, so it was hard to say no, plus two of Greg's co-workers had cars in the show. Gramma came with us.Next up---Easter!

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