Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was a lot of fun this year. With all the talk about Jesus regarding SOTW, Jared was so excited to hear more stories about Jesus. During the week leading up to Easter, we read the scripture stories about the last week of Christ's mortal life. Each night Jared would ask to read the "Come, Lord Jesus" story (referring to the resurrection through a song title from SOTW). It was great.

The night before Easter, we dyed eggs. Jared was so excited about this whole process. If we would have let him, he would have tried to put all the eggs in at once and see what happens. He thought the Magic Crayon was the coolest and asked me to draw a monster on one, and a J and A on others.
Also that night, we told him the Easter Bunny would bring both he and his sister a basket and that he'd have to help Annabelle find hers. The first thing he said when we got him up in the morning was "I need to find my basket." Here's the hunt.

In their baskets, they each found a toy, a book about Jesus (which the Easter bunny asked Mommy to make) and a little bit of candy.
Jared and his prize!

After the hunt, we made {resurrection rolls} as part of breakfast. They're basically another version of cinnamon rolls but with a marshmellow inside that disappears during cooking. I think it was too abstract of a concept for Jared to get, but it's nice to know we'll have a tradition he'll always remember. We then got in our Easter outfits (how stellar does Jared look?) and went to church.
Can it be? We're ALL smiling and looking at the camera! An Easter Miracle! (side note: Greg and I started going to ward choir again. It's great; we both realized with our childrens' tendency toward music that we should be a good example of its power and developing our talents---luckily I wasn't the only alto come sacrament time).

After church we had a few hours to get ready for our neighborhood Easter dinner. Kind of like Thanksgiving, one of us signed up to have the missionaries, we each took parts of the meal, and then we showed up for dinner.

However, before the missionaries arrived, we had our Easter Egg Hunt. Jared and Caleb had to be coerced last year, but not this year. They loved it, especially Caleb. Annabelle and Alex were the ones who had to be bribed to move onto new eggs. Alex picked up two and was happy and Annabelle stopped when she realized the plastic ones has chocolate in the middle. That's my girl.

Getting ready to go:
Here's the action:

Bellie and her basket.

At the end of the hunt, we realized Jared wasn't in the backyard. Being Mommy, I slightly panic, run inside and see this:
Jared found a quiet place to spoil his dinner. The goof came inside to count his load. Clever Boy.

I totally didn't get a picture of the whole group, but we had a great time. The food was fantastic and the company even more so. I'm so grateful for the amazing friends we have in the area. They are like family to us. We had a great time making memories and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It's not about the eggs, bunnies, candies or baskets; it's about He who died and ROSE so we can LIVE FOREVER.


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