Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marchin' Along

We've been pretty busy around these parts and as I don't having anything pressing to do RIGHT now for Savior of the World, I figured I'd update.

Greg is hard at-work, as ever. He recently was called as the First Counselor in the Young Men's presidency. He LOVES working with the YM; yes, they can be challenging, but he loves them, so it works. He's taken up a lot of slack since rehearsals have started. He actually took the kiddos to a party last weekend, all by himself. It just makes me love him more. We spent some of our Tax return on some home stuff, so he's been excited be Mister Fix-It.

Amber is slowly losing her mind and loving it! Just kidding! This whole experience with the play has already been incredible. We have t-minus 30 DAYS until the performance and I'm super stoked. The cast is amazing and everyone fits their parts so well. I'm blessed to be surround by people I enjoy, feed off of, and help me keep the spirit with each rehearsal. The production still has it's hiccups (what production doesn't), but we always seem to come out better afterwords. I've had a couple friends in our ward come up to me and tell me that I seem stronger and more confident; it's nice to be using this talent again and I think the Lord wanted me to remember to do so. I'm constantly amazed at how much the Lord watches out for our family, the production, and each of us as individuals. Recently, I broke my toe, so it'll be interesting when I go to direct at tonight's rehearsal! I'm excited for this month to come!

Jared is a silly silly boy. He's hilarious, and with the production, I've fallen out of habit of writing the crazy things he says. Things like "going to chase a monster/dinosaur," as he runs around the house or "ate too much food" when, in reality, he's only had a couple bites. He loves to run, pretend, help and hug his sister. He REALLY LOVES the music from Savior of the World, calls it "Jesus music." He even has a favorite song, the women sing called "Alleluia." The other day in the car I heard him sing to the WHOLE SONG; he even recited the spoken lines. He's really excited for his birthday because he knows he's getting a big boy bed.

Annabelle is a hoot and a half! She's currently trying to figure out the whole 'running' and 'not-running-into-walls' thing. Hilarious. She has so many words; some of the ones I forgot... hair, Jesus, drink, book, Buzz, Woody, etc. She also gets frustrated pretty easy... most of the frustration is usually from Jared. She loves to listen, help and share. She's even given Jared things to stop him from having a meltdown; a little peacemaker. She, like her brother, enjoys to sing and dance. Elmo's Ducks is her current favorite; she even quacks at the right parts. She really loves to skype with the grandparents and is currently learning to put books back on the shelf, instead of throwing them on the floor.

That's our lives right now.... I'll do a little better to take more pictures...


  1. I love Elmo's Ducks, too!

  2. We are very proud of all y'all...and the grandkids want their Jiji, & Oba I guess :)



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