Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl 2011

As with every year, we had a Super Bowl get-together. It's something we like to do and sometimes we don't even watch the game. We used to go this all the time growing up and we love being able to invite the spirit of friendship in our home. Sorry, if you're offended, but that's how we feel.

This year, a bunch of our friends literally had babies within weeks (or days) of the Super Bowl AND we got back in town a few days before AND I had first auditions for Savior of the World in that time period to... so we weren't even sure it was going to happen this year. Our get-together ended up being us and our friends, the Baxters. We had a great time. Jared and Belle taught Alex the sign for Touchdown. Since he was born in Wisconsin, we taught Jared how to cheer for his natural team (Green Bay Packers). Greg and I even had shirts we dug out of the 't-shirt quilt' bin and wore.

This girl is ready for some football!
And he's got his game face! RAWR!
Jared & Mama watching the game.

The group saying, 'touchdown!'

Greg and I proud to be ex-Wisconsinites!

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