Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gweg's Birf-day

Greg had a birthday on Monday! Woo-hoo! Honestly, it was REALLY hard to get ready for this birthday because of the sickness in our house the week before. The kids and I actually finished his last birthday present that morning. Whoops! Such is life. Jared grabbed the camera and took at picture of me mid-creation process.... just like I planned...

During our prep, we decided to semi-surprise Greg at work and have lunch with him. So, we stopped at HEB to get a balloon and treats and picked up some of Greg's favorite Mexican food on the way there. Jared LOVES going to Greg's work; it's really cute. He practically vibrates in his chair with each mile we drive closer. The minute he spotted Greg, Jared yelled "Happy Birf-day, Daddy' and really didn't stop the whole time we ate lunch.
My hidden agenda while we were there was to make sure he didn't pass through the work day without SOMEONE else there knowing it was his birthday. With an almost three-year-old on my side, the plan was destined to succeed, and succeed it did! The secretary in their area piped up with Jared at the end, 'yeah, happy birthday, Daddy.' My evil plan worked!

Later that evening, Greg came home to his 'mostly-traditional' birthday dinner--- Bacon Cheeseburgers. On our new 'you are special' plate--- since Jared broke the other one a LONG time ago.
Since all of our friends either just had babies or the flu, Josh and Caleb were the only ones to make it over for Homemade Key Lime Birthday Pie (one of Greg's favorite desserts). Recipe from my FABULOUS friend, Kim {here}.

Usually it's RIDICULOUSLY hard to surprise Greg with ANYTHING! Not this year, I bought and made him something he wasn't expecting (he tried to figure out what I made him and even asked if it's something he can wear to Florida--- dork). One was a "Professional Engineer" shirt, the present we worked on that morning.

And the other was {Bucky Balls}. These things are seriously toys made for men; they super magnets and the challenge comes in what you can create with them. Josh got some for Christmas and showed the guys, Greg casually mentioned getting some for his birthday and forgot about it because he was surprised to open them on his birthday. BWAH! It worked!

Caleb and Jared helping Greg open his presents. They were so excited for presents and kind of bummed they were for Greg, such is the life of a two-year-old.

Greg and Josh playing with the Bucky Balls.

Greg had a great day and I'm already excited to plan next year--- turning 29 the second time is pretty important after all. :)

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  1. Happy birthday Greg! :) When did he take his PE exam?



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