Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Video: Double Feature

So--- since I've been a bad blogger, I have TWO videos today. They both happened in the couple days before California. Enjoy!

First--- the kids love music. They love to dance sing and all out have a good time. This is then when music is on. It's nice to know they're happy. I guess we're doing okay as parents. :)

Second--- we had LOTS of laundry to fold/put away/pack the night before we left. It was nice to have so many clean clothes, but it almost seemed like we were going to be one of those weird headlines the next day "Children orphaned, Parents smothered in Clean Laundry." Luckily, that didn't happen (it was a close call though), the kids did find a fun way to enjoy Laundry Day.

1 comment:

  1. She's definitely your daughter. How many times does she fall down in a day? xD



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