Sunday, February 6, 2011

Disneyland 2011

Oh man, where oh where to begin.

When we woke Jared up that morning the first word out of his mouth were... "Did-knee-lan"... the kid was excited, and I really couldn't be mad because I was just as excited on the inside. We got up early to spend as much of the day as possible there. We arrived at the park just as it opened--- perfect timing.

Before we did anything, we got 'first visit' badges for the kiddos. So excited! Then, we met Goofy, Pluto, and MICKEY! Jared was so cute with all three of them. I think he was in shocked. Belle couldn't stop staring at Mickey, the closer we got to him the tighter her grip on me became. I was really glad she didn't start crying then and there--- but that's not really her m-o. After a few pictures, we bee-lined for Fantasyland.

*Since we've been home, Jared has asked to go on these rides. I guess those were his favorites.

A few stories:
  • We went on the Carousel and Dumbo twice. Once when we arrived and once right before we left. As the night winded down, we asked Jared what he wanted to ride again and those were his choices. He really giggled the first time we rode Dumbo, we got him to fly up and down and the culmination of ups and downs made his outright giggle.
  • Greg and I snuck off during naptime to ride Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and, later, Big Thunder Mountain. Since I've spent the better part of the last few years pregnant, I was really excited to ride all of these rides. I was literally bouncing and giggling when we waited for SM. I know, but Disney gets to me. I can still count on one hand, how many times I've been, so it's a bigger deal to me then to Greg (who won't even try to count how many times he's been).
  • When I say naptime, I just mean Annabelle. Jared was way too stimulated the whole day to sleep. When we got to the restaurant for dinner, Jared had a few bites and then asked to lay down in Mema's lap. Not two minutes later, he was OUT.
  • We realized too late that Jared is tall enough to go on the roller coaster in Toontown (and Matterhorn for that matter---what happened to my baby?). Next time, buddy. Also on the list for next time, Teacups--- he wanted to go and no one had the stomach, so we diverted his attention elsewhere. Oh and Critter Country and Small World, both were closed.
  • Jared also loved the Nemo submarine ride. While waiting in line for that we saw Darth Vader in the space pavilion and Jared FROZE--- he was shocked to find out Darth was real. While on the ride, Jared was glued to his porthole. He kept telling us about the fishes and got excited to see Nemo-fishy (that's what he calls Nemo and Marlin), Dori, and Crush.
  • Another favorite: Pirates. Jared sat with Mema and Daddy while Annabelle sat with Deda and Mama. When the ride starts in on the song, everyone starts to sing and so did BOTH our kids. Belle bounced back and forth in my arms. We hear that song AT LEAST once a day from the both of them now.
  • So--- The Haunted Mansion. We prepped Jared for the ride, the whole time in line and he was excited--- until we hit the doors. I picked him up and he wouldn't leave my side for anything. Afterward, we asked him if it was fun and he said yeah... so I guess there was no damage done... yet...
  • On the Jungle Cruise Greg pointed out the hyenas to Jared saying 'look the hyenas are going to get the man.' Jared's response, "no Daddy, hyenas fake." Can't fool him.
  • If he hadn't been so tired, Jared would have danced all the way through the Tiki Room. He loved the singing birds and crooning flowers and that's yet another song I now hear almost daily.
  • Since it was the kiddos first trip to Disneyland, we got them a souvenir and Mickey ears. Belle got a Princess Minnie, which she sleeps with now, and Jared picked out SnotRod from Cars. While getting their hats embroidered, we saw Mickey again which was a perfect way to end the evening.
  • We tried so hard to keep their hats on to get a picture, but they wouldn't really wear them until the next morning. Now, at home, they wear them all the time.
Like I said above, Jared passed out at dinner, but we were lucky to keep him awake until then. As soon as the car started, after dinner, they were both gone. The next morning, Annabelle having a rough night, was in bed with Greg and I. She decided then to say her first sentence, "wawa go did-did-nan?"

Seriously?!?! Apparently, she was listening too. I guess they had a good time, and the whole family can't wait to go again.

Maybe next time, {Cars Land} will be open in California Adventure. I bet I know a couple of kids who would like to go.

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  1. Awesome. =) Sounds like you've got a couple of Disney kids in the house. (*nudge* You should visit me this summer... if you can. *nudge) ;)



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