Wednesday, February 2, 2011

California Days

We had so much fun on our week-long excursion to California! Here's how the week went:

Wednesday, Travel Day: For traveling with two toddlers, this went pretty well. Jared paid less attention to the DVD player this time; he had a 20 minute limit to anything we did. But, he was so excited to be on the plane, up in the sky, and going to California. Besides being really wiggly (which is her shtick right now) Belle was fine. She even kept her headphones on for five whole seconds! Our biggest problem came in the descent because Jared decided that would be the best time for a breakdown, which led to ear problems, which led to being even MORE upset. Poor kid, but as soon as we landed, everything was forgotten. We rounded out the day with an In 'n Out lunch and evening at the Park. Low key since we went to Disneyland the next day.

Thursday, Disney Day: This day will have it's own post, check back later.

Friday, Beach Day: See above.

Saturday, Mema's Birthday: Our whole reason to come out was to celebrate Mema's birthday with her. So, we did by letting her take us shopping {it's one of her favorite things to do, so why complain? ;) } Jared spent some time with her in the backyard picking oranges from their tree and looking for lizards, so cute. Annabelle then met her California great-grandmas when they came over for dinner. The kids really took to them and we have some great pictures of playing and reading. When it came time for cake and presents, Jared and Belle knew where to be--- hanging around Mema.

Sunday, the Sabbath: After church, we spent extra time with Mema and Deda before we drove down to the 'desert' to see more family/friends--- the Moniz/Green clan (missing a couple members). We had a great time; Jared and Addie greeted each other like long-lost friends (so cute). Greg even drove over to pick up Gramma/Auntie Elaine so she could see everyone and have dinner. We absolutely adore the Moniz clan and were so grateful to see them. It felt so natural and comfortable hanging out with Ash and Jer. Greg and I talked about how much we miss them; I have a hard time thinking about how much I miss Ash, so I try not to. :) We talked and even played a few rounds of Texas hold 'em--- and shocker of shockers--- I was the big winner (don't worry, we use m&ms). We even made tentative plans to celebrate the four of us entering the third decade in the next few years.

Monday, The Catch-all day: After going to bed way to late for being Toddler parents, Ash and I took a morning drive to gather donuts for the crew; we even accidently found the Redlands Temple on the way. It was very reminscient of all the times we spent in high school and college in those same places talking about oodles and oodles of stuff. It. was. awesome. Since it rained the night before, we let the kids run around together until it was time for lunch at Cafe Rio (which I had never been to before). The kids topped off the visit by playing in the fountain just outside before we had to make the trip back up to Camarillo. We seriously miss them and you can bet I'm going out again once new baby Green is born. :) Once back in Ventura County, we spent family time at the park. The kiddos were so cute and so BRAVE. Mema and I got them really excited about a tunnel slide and, for a few minutes, they did laps to go on it. Up the stairs, down the slide, make animal noises, repeat. We ended the night at a favorite pizza place right near the beach (so a tradition now---it reminded me of a place we used to go to in Ogden).

Tuesday, The Send-off:
Luckily, we didn't have a early flight because the main freeway to the airport had two huge accidents. We actually took our time and met Deda for brunch at IHOP. Jared tried to soak up every moment with Mema while Annabelle used the straws to perfect her walrus impression. The flight back was great; Jared was so excited to go home, he even asked for his friends when we landed.

Jared is already asking when we're going back... All of us definitely had a good time.

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