Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blankie Tent

We're not doing so well this week. We caught the flu/cold and we're doing our best to get over it before I have FIRST REHEARSAL on Saturday. Wish us luck...and health. :)

Lately, Jared has been on this kick pretending to 'go to the campout.' He'll take some of his kitchen supplies, back it in his backpack and exclaim, 'goin' to campout Mama!' As part of this whole 'camp' thing, he asked Greg and I to build a tent. We did. The problem came in his 15-month old sister and her attempts to join him in the tent. Let's just say Baby-zilla-3... Tent-0.

In order to keep the peace in the house, the next time we tried tent-building was at naptime---over Jared's crib. (yes, he's still in the crib we thought he'd be out a year ago--- can someone say birthday bed).

HE LOVED IT (it may not seem so in the picture, but he did just wake up). So much so, the next few times it was bedtime or naptime, Jared would ask for a tent. I guess we'll have to figure something else out when he finally does get a big boy bed.... at least it's fun!

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