Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beautiful Zoo Day

When we woke up Friday morning, it was the first morning in a while that we all felt good. After breakfast, while enjoying the bright morning sun in the playroom, I lost my mind a little. I turned to Jared and whispered this in his ear: "if you help Mama get ready, we can go to a special place." "Disneyland?" He quipped back. "No. How about the zoo?!?" When I saw his eyes light up and Belle toddle over to the stairs, I knew I crossed the point-of-no-return.

It was the PERFECT day to go. It wasn't too hot or cold. Just right. Both kids LOVED it. A couple moments to remember from this time:
  • Greg met us for lunch at our typical lunch stop. Jared even knows we like to stop there for lunch because as soon as we passed the elephants he said, "Mommy it's time to eat!" It was priceless to see the look on both Jared and Annabelle when Greg popped up from around the corner.
  • Annabelle is a monkey fan. A REALLY big monkey fan. Every time she saw one, she got all excited, pointed to it and said 'mon-mon.' She even giggled a couple times.
  • We went into the aquarium this time and Jared giggled out loud when he saw sea turtles, nemo-fishies, jellyfishies, and Bruce-shark (all his terms, not mine).
  • While looking at the Lions, Jared told him to roar. I don't think it works that way, son.
  • We actually saw the Hyenas get up and move around. Those things are HUGE!
  • I told Jared he could feed the goats, but when we got there, that part of the zoo was closed from renovations. So, we stopped at the huge pond and fed the fishes and ducks. Jared thought they were hilarious!
  • We went over to the toddler fish tanks and both kiddos loved it this time. Every time Jared got out without Belle, she would start exclaiming 'up, up' or 'ou, ou' (out). Jared called every fish a 'monster fishy'. This was my attempt to get a picture of them together...
We had a great time. I wanted to have a little outing with them because I know they're going to miss me lots of times over the next 7 weeks (until the play is over). Plus, our Zoo Passes expire at the end of March and we're probably going to get passes to a different place... Sea World, anyone? :)

When we got home, we all felt our bodies saying 'what a busy day and I just got over being sick--- sheesh' by passing out. I don't even think we left the zoo parking lot before Belle passed out.

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  1. Wow, your kiddos are growing up fast! Maybe we can come to the zoo sometime soon and meet you guys there! Let me know when you guys are planning to go again.



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