Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beach Day

Every time we visit California it is necessary to go to the beach. I'm pretty sure it's written down somewhere in the 'must-dos' when going to the West Coast. Jared even knows it; our whole drive from the airport consisted of him saying he wanted to go to Disneyland and the beach. See, what did I say? That coupled with the fact that Annabelle had never been (go figure) and we needed a semi-down day after Disneyland, we took the warmest day of our visit and went to the beach.

The kids were so so HAPPY. I think Daddy needs to build them a sandbox or something because they were content to dig the whole day. Mema brought both a pail and shovel and then knew exactly what to do with it. Since they were happy and the beach was mostly empty, Greg and I did the cliche thing and went for a stroll. Even though it wasn't at sunset, it was fabulous. We talked and talked while attempting to find full shells to surprise the kids with. We even saw a few crabs.

After we got back to the group, all excited about our shell findings, we discover they did some shell hunting of their own. It's another must at the beach. After a sandy lunch shared with the local residents (the kids loved how close the birds got), we all walked down to the waves. If I hadn't been holding Annabelle's hand, she would have walked all the way out to sea. She loved the water. So much, in fact, she face and bum-planted in it a few times. It was fun, up until she realized it was cold. Jared was much more reserved. He wanted to hold Mema's hand and stay just far enough away so the water would only get his feet.

We capped off that day by having dinner with old family friends, the Stakers (minus sickie mom). It was a lot of fun and I feel idiotic for not getting any pictures. Greg and I then extended our night by going to a movie (a date is another 'must-do' when we go to Cali). True to parental form, we saw Tangled. and LOVED it.

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