Saturday, February 5, 2011

Arctic Blast: South Texas Style

Yesterday, we had something extremely rare happen in our part of Texas: it snowed. Not only did it snow, right before we had a little bit of freezing rain. It shut the city down. Schools closed. Highways closed (most of the night actually). Businesses closed until 12. CRAZY. The local news even called in an "Arctic Blast."

Now, having had our past experiences with snow {here, here, here, here, and here} it seemed a little excessive to shut the highways down through the whole county. I mean, Greg WALKED in two FEET of snow to get home in Wisconsin one winter. However, when you don't have the proper equipment to clean the roads, it becomes super dangerous. Especially, if you don't have 4x4 vehicles, like most in our fair city. So, we became fans of our small snow day.

We became fans because our kids were able to experience snow. Jared, being born in the land of snow, has seen and felt it before, but he was SO EXCITED this time around. He was running around the house yelling snow and giggling. How does he know to be excited?! While still in our jammies, we bundled up in what we had and went out in the backyard to see the 'snow.'

The first thing Jared said to us, 'whoa, it's coooold.' Annabelle just looked at it like it was a nuisance; that's our Texan baby. She fell, simliar to {the beach} and realized just how horrible this stuff was. Hilarious because she wanted inside from that moment on. Jared ran around for a couple more minutes until he gave into his morning hunger and that was it. Winter in South Texas. We're certainly glad to keep it that way.

Getting ready to go out.
Out in the snow and it's COLD.

Running to keep warm.

She fell and didn't like it.

Daddy to the rescue.
Hands in the snow.
See... it's snow!

Our front yard.
SIDE NOTE: Our friends/neighbors had a C-section scheduled that morning, when nothing was open. When we woke up, we thought of them and their non 4x4 van and realized what needed to be done. Greg drove them to the hospital to have their little girl a few hours later. Seriously, ladies, isn't my husband a CATCH?!?

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