Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jared's Makeover

Jared is feeling much better from the weekend. He's still a little slow to move and doesn't have much of an appetite, but he hasn't puked since Saturday. However, the girls are now sick. I haven't puked, but Belle has. She did so in the middle of the night and didn't wake up crying just went back to sleep and we discovered it the next morning! There's laid-back, and then there's Belle! We tried to run an errand last night and I'm sure we looked like the walking dead and, to top it off, Bellie puked up applesauce on the way home. :(

We haven't been doing much this week except for watching Dinosaur Train and Super Why! on the couch. Jared's big highlight was getting his mop top cut last night. We let it grow out because we wanted to see if his cowlicks would ever lay down. (He inherited both mine and Greg's--- that's why his hair always sticks up in the back). They never did and his hair was getting to much like MacGyver's... so he got it cut.

The Before.

Greg teaching Jared about the razor (I love Jared's face)

The During--- McQueen underwear and all.

The after--- what handsome devils!

Now, here's to getting better before Greg goes camping this weekend...

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