Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Happenings

We've had a pretty busy January, so I'm using that as an excuse as to why I haven't been the world's best blogger. However, since I'm also using this as a Family History tool, I know I need to get some things written down. Especially since we're going to California for a week tomorrow.

We spent the first part of the month down with our first visit of the Stomach bug (another reason for my lack of blogging). Luckily, it was short-lived, yucky, but short-lived. This was taken the morning Belle got it. She fell asleep in my arms during Sesame Street.

After recovering, we had a beautiful 70-degree day. Since it was so lovely, we decided to enjoy it outside. Jared spent the time digging in the dirt in an attempt to 'make another tree' and Annabelle paced the concrete-backporch (she doesn't do grass yet) posing for pictures.

This past weekend, we made a trip up to Austin to see Gramma and finalize Gweg's traffic ticket. Since we were up there, we went to IKEA for a few 'necessities.' Here's Jared conquering the furniture.

The next day, Saturday we went all around the city. First, we visited a stake on the other side of town to talk because this month I was called to be the DIRECTOR of our stake's production of Savior of the World. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, anyway... we went out there to chat and since we were on that side of town we went to our favorite place, the Zoo. Here's what happened on the way home.

Like I mentioned, we are off to California to celebrate Mema's birthday. We may even go to the beach and visit Disneyland, but you'll just have to wait and see.

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