Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I love living in South Texas. It has lived up to all our expections (even the crazy hot summers). One of the best things about living here is being able to blow up fireworks for New Year's Eve. Three reasons why it's so awesome: 1) it's warm enough to do so 2) I come from a family of punk lighters and it's in my blood to blow stuff up and 3) it's legal and everyone does it!

Since we had a large get-together on Christmas Eve, I didn't want to do something big for New Year's, so we invited our neighbors and our new friends, the Browns, over for a few hours to have Root Beer Floats (another family tradition I wanted to keep) and blow up fireworks! Since we all have toddlers, we did this between the late hours of 730 and 930. New Year's Eve is not a holiday for young families, so you adapt.

Since we had our toddlers in tow, we didn't want to blow things up in the street and have to worry about the kiddos running around, so we blew up our fireworks in the backyard. Greg grabbed his extra-large oil pan and we thought we would be fine. The keyword in that sentence is thought. Two or three fireworks into the 'show' the lawn catches on fire. Greg promptly stomps it out and moves on. Josh decides to go inside and grab a couple pitchers of watch, just in case.

When the lawn catches on fire with the next firework, a fountain (duh---should've seen that coming), it lights up in four or five separate spots. The pitcher water, which was tossed out shortly, barely touched one of the places. It seemed so small that it actually was kind of funny, until one remember how the yard was on fire. Greg finally goes and get the hose and kills the flames before it got bad. He takes a break from lighting the fireworks and gives the yard a quick hose-down. He even continued to hose the lawn down after he lit the next firework.
There were no fires the rest of the night, but the shards made this cool steamy effect when they landed in the yard, I wish I took a picture.

This whole firework time, I'm standing in the back doorway. Annabelle kept flip-flopping her decision to like or not like the fireworks. She figured in my arms, in the doorway was a safe enough distance to watch the cool lights. Jared, on the other hand, did exactly what he did during the fourth---hid in the closest couch and covered his eyes.
Actually on the fourth he cuddled with Oba, but she wasn't there so the couch was the closest replacement. It was so cute and so sad. He kept saying he liked the fireworks, but then when he heard the noise, he'd go hide again.

Eventually, he got a bit braver and started playing games with Caleb in the blankets. They were playing peek-a-boo with each other and it was rather hilarious. I got a couple really cute shots. Being two, they are definitely best frenemies. :)
930 hit and the kiddos were done, we called it a night and promptly put them to bed. Our other neighbors then came over to pick up their sleeping boy and hang out until 11, when we all realized we couldn't make it because we were having the strangest conversations. I still don't remember some of the things we talked about.

After they left, Greg immediately passed out on the couch and I stayed up until the ball dropped. I had a hard time passing out because the majority of our neighbors continued to blow up their own fireworks. It was awesome and frustrating at the same time because one group was right outside Jared's window. The next morning we were all kind of slow, Jared ended up getting sick in the car and we only made it for the sacrament today.

Yep, New Year's is definitely not meant for toddlers. :)

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