Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Far...

December has been great. We've been doing fun Christmas activities every day and I've been attempting to knock something off of my Christmas To-Do list every day. The only major thing I really have to do now is make the kiddos Christmas jammie pants. Not too shabby.

Jared loves counting down the days until Christmas and doing all the little advent things we have around the house. He's even learned a few Christmas songs (I know, video is needed).

I've got more stories to tell, but not a lot of time, so a few pictures will have to suffice for right now.

While getting ready for the day, Jared spotted Greg's slippers and he put them on before I could get him redressed. Hence the reason he's in his nightly pull-up.

Ready for church and looking so grown up!

Annabelle got a little baby Belle doll for her birthday and she loves her! She's even figured out how to feed her...
and take her for rides. Oh so cute, I can't believe she's so big. She's a full-fledged walker and has a few words under her belt, but that's another post. :)
Mema and Deda brought Jared some pretty cool dinosaur puzzles when they came down. He's got the picture memorized now, so he was able to do all four without help. He was pretty proud of himself.
I've got more where this came from (including video) so, pray for fast sewing hands so I can blog some more. :)

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  1. Cool picts, they look like they want to see their Jiji!



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