Friday, December 31, 2010

Elder Dog

So, when my brother left for his mission in July, he gave Jared a blue stuffed dog. Park had this dog for a long time; I remembered it when we were growing up. So, it's old. Jared named him 'Elder Dog' after the missionary uncle who gave it to him.

The week of Christmas, Elder Dog got a hole in his neck while taking a ride in the washer and dryer. Jared was really distrought. I really didn't think Jared had any attachments to this dog until he was absent from the crib. Every night while getting ready for bed, Jared asked about Elder Dog, "Mama, where Elder Dog go?" Since we were busy with Christmas, I didn't get a chance to fix him until yesterday. When Jared saw Elder Dog all better, you would have thought two long lost friends were reuniting--- in his eyes I guess they were. It was so cute, I took a picture.

I need to send this picture to Elder Dog's previous owner. I think he should know the dog is loved. :)

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