Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Days Before Christmas

T'was the days before Christmas and our house was busy...
getting ready for the day which sends people in a tizzy.
As Christmas drew closer, we took each day,
to remember the Christmas spirit in our own way.

We made cookies, truffles, chocolate-covered pretzels, and more...tons of handmade gifts not found at the store.
Next, to the ward breakfast party we went
enjoying the company, music, and food was time well spent.
In between each outing, we took a few nap or two,and started new traditions to make sure our Christmas wasn't blue.

One cold night, we searched high and low
to find Christmas light with an award-winning glow.

Another day, it will not surprise a reader or two
to find out, we spent it at the zoo!

We said 'Merry Christmas' to our special friends,
to spread joy, laughter and noise that just never ends.
Throughout it all we tried to give, not receive,
to keep the spirit of the babe born that first Christmas Eve.
Jesus Christ is the reason we have all our gifts,
so remember Him and to have the Spirit which lifts.

It was a whirlwind season, and went by so fast,
and we were certainly glad to have Christmas at last!



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