Thursday, December 30, 2010

Days Before Christmas: The Editorial

Christmas week was so crazy, but a lot of fun! Jared was really into the Christmas season this year, in fact, he continues to tell us 'kimmas over.' It must have left an inpression on him. Here's a rundown of our week:

Wednesday night: The night we went Christmas light hunting. We tried the temple first, but it just a little nativity display. Cute Jared story: We asked Jared if he was going to get married in the temple one day like Mommy and Daddy and he said yes. Greg then asked him if he like girls and said 'girls gross daddy.' Oh man, Jared's going to be the little boy who pulls girls' hair to show just how much he likes them... I can see it now... Anywho, since the temple display was modest, we decided to google search Christmas lights in SA and found a city on the east side called Windcrest. Their Christmas lights are so famous that the city's nickname is the 'City of Lights.' I guess you'd call that a good sign. So, off we went. The only bummer about the night was waiting in the line of cars to get to the house who had their lights timed to music. Jared and Belle both pointed to the lights. Jared kept saying 'kimmas lights' 'santa' 'frotee'... you get the picture... he was excited. They both were up way passed their bedtime and passed out on the way home. Good night.

Thursday: This was zoo day. Greg had the day off, so we invited some friends, whose Daddy also had the day off and away we went. This shouldn't surprise anyone, but Jared has that place memorized. He knew exactly what animals were where and kept telling us if we tried to skip things. For example, we didn't feed the goats or birds this time because it was the wrong time of day, so we had to keep reminding Jared about the snakes and alligators in order to get him to forget about the other animals. In the toddler part of the zoo, the kids really love the aquarium. Annabelle was standing and pointing at animals the way Jared did when we took him for his first birthday... I think I even have a picture comparison to do soon. It was a perfect day to go to the zoo because people were out of town or not off work and the construction is finally done. We've got a few more zoo trips to do before our passes expire in March. :)

Next up... Christmas Eve and Christmas!

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